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The best of Italian outdoor furniture

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It's the right time to renovate the garden / terrace furniture and the design team of Italian outdoor furniture in Milan offers a wide range overview of outdoor furnishings present in their showrooms.



There is no time to waste and to take advantage of the beautiful season it will be necessary to select the best outdoor furniture brands, and the perfect pieces to decorate your garden, terrace or balcony in the city.


It is a wide range of offer so making the right choice is not easy, There is a risk of losing the various proposals, but can be avoided by turning to the best designers, which are for Italian outdoor furniture.


Among the brands that presented in the five showrooms of the group, the collections proposed by companies such as Dedon, Gandiablasco, Kettal, Paola Lenti and Roda are in any case a choice no doubt having an overview of the world of outdoor design furniture. 


Among the designers that designed some of the successful outdoor collections are mentioned such as Patricia Urquiola, who has designed one of the cult pieces such as Mesh and Cottage for Kettal.


Iconic pieces that designed to characterize any type of outdoor environment that respond to the style of space and the desire to choose timeless pieces without being affected by time or weather.


There is no limit of distance, whether it is a terrace overlooking the skyline of the world's most beautiful cities or gardens where you can get lost during a green break, Italian outdoor furniture reaches its clients by offering highly customized services.




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