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Enjoy your home & Live your outdoors!

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The home is an experience of well-being, in all its forms. We would like to have what makes life simple, pleasant, beautiful around us: what makes us feel good.


And if we are used to reproducing many habits of life indoors, we also know that the outdoor living offers us much more freedom. Going out from the door, the domestic landscape that we know and that belongs to us, suggests recreation, relaxation, conviviality.


Designing the outdoors therefore means knowingly appropriating an exclusive place, of ours, which we want to furnish with attention to detail, where functionality and comfort also express our personality.


For many years RODA outdoor furniture has met the needs of personalization and exclusivity of the customers, attentive to an everlasting aesthetic and to the dialogue between product and nature, whether it is a lawn, a tree, a plant or simply a portion of the sky.


The Sag’80 Group Outdoor Specialists team is available for a free and dedicated design consultation and to suggest new ideas on how to customize your outdoor living space.


Until May 9th, you will also have the opportunity to purchase a wide range of products with the best offer. To find out more feel free to contact us anytime and we will guide you in choosing the most suitable products.


Enjoy your Home and Live your Outdoors!



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