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Rodolfo Dordoni: Design and Fantasy


Rodolfo Dordoni design Cassina Roda Molteni&C Minotti Mistral outdoor structure minimal

Chairs, armchairs, tables, and sofas by Rodolfo Dordoni: here are his most celebrated creations



Rodolfo Dordoni, beloved Milanese architect and designer, is one of the prominent figures who has rendered the city of Milan famous for the art of design.

Graduated in 1979 from the Politecnico University, Rodolfo Dordoni has been able to take residential design and create a veritable language made from harmony, elegance, and simplicity.


In the course of his career, Dordoni has collaborated with some of the most renowned designer brands, becoming also artistic director. His predilection for fantasy has led him to experiment in various categories of interior design: lamps, furniture, kitchen and bathroom accessories, rugs,  and even electrical outlets. Every object in the home became an endless source of inspiration for his fantasy.


Here is a brief overview of his most celebrated design creations: works of art that have revolutionized the world of design, making the name of their creator an essential step in the Italian design industry.


One of Dordoni’s most important collaborations is the one with Molteni&C. It is a collaboration that went beyond the realization of individual products to concern the creation of entire collections.


“Nowadays, the individual object is surpassed by the concept of the collection, which defines an ambiance, a style, a space where to feel in one’s element.”

Guided by this maxim, Dordoni created some of his best pieces for Molteni&C. For example, the Filigree table: a series of extendable tables characterized by the sinuous shape of their aluminum legs. The technology studied and employed by the designer allows for an extendable table with no breaks in the surface and a containment structure for the elongators of only 38 mm. Filigree has thus become one of Rodolfo Dordoni’s pivotal products: a simple design endowed with discreet and cutting-edge technology.


Like all of his creations, the Who chair is also full of fantasy and personality: a hardwood structure adorned with sophisticated details and leather-upholstered seat.

Continuing with seating systems, we move on to the Chelsea armchair, one of the creations from the eponymous collection. Designed in 2014, Chelsea represents in its lines the innovativeness of contemporary design, while at the same time the exquisite continuity of tradition. Large backrests, armrests, and a pouf complete this piece making it perfect for moments of pure relaxation.

The Kensington collection was again designed for Molteni&C. An ergonomic armchair, designed with large armrests and a body completely coated with cushioning. Kensington was designed both with a low and high backrest: ideal for moments of conversation to share with friends and guests.


Having become art director for Minotti in 1997, Dordoni created exceptional seating systems for this brand.
Freeman, Rodolfo Dordoni’s sofa, is more than a mere seating system: it is a true project for the living space. Equipped with numerous personalizable elements (such as backrests and chaise longue), Freeman in its various configurations is without a doubt the star of the living room welcoming you to total relaxation.


With outdoor design growing in importance, Dordoni has created elegant outdoor seating collections for various brands. These creations are composed of simple, essential lines and highly resistant materials to guarantee the longevity of the product.


For Minotti, in addition to the historic Aston collection, Dordoni designed Aston-cord. Aston-cord for outdoors is made of a varnished metal structure and woven polypropylene seat. The enveloping backrest and padded seat are the primary characteristics of the Aston chair, created to guarantee you comfort and relaxation.


Continuing with conceptions for outdoor seating, Dordoni also designed two iconic products for Roda. The Mistral model, Rodolfo Dordoni’s outdoor sofa, is characterized by a soft seat and a minimalist body. Thanks to its delicate presence, Mistral is the ideal piece of furniture for urban outdoor spaces, such as balconies and terraces.

The other is Dandy sofa characterized by its technological padding and covering that is resistant to water and atmospheric elements.


Another collaboration that was fundamental to Dordoni’s journey was that with Cassina, for which the designer created the iconic Boboli table in 2007.

Boboli is the perfect example of the marriage between geometric rigor and fantastical structures. In this table, a thin, traditional surface is paired with a structure made of twisted slats which enhance the entire table and give it a sculptural appearance.


To discover and see other creations from Rodolfo Dordoni, come find us in our showrooms!


Rodolfo Dordoni design Cassina Roda Molteni&C Minotti portrait black and white
Rodolfo Dordoni design Molteni&C table Filigree sinuous shape aluminum legs elongator
Rodolfo Dordoni design Molteni&C Who chair hardwood structure sophisticated details leather seat
Rodolfo Dordoni design Molteni&C chelsea armchair innovativeness of contemporary design
Rodolfo Dordoni design Molteni&C Kensington armchair two versions large armrests low high backrest
Rodolfo Dordoni design Minotti freeman sofa living room ambience white leather
Rodolfo Dordoni design Minotti Aston Cord outdoor sofa chair metal woven polypropylene
Rodolfo Dordoni design Cassina Roda Molteni&C Minotti Mistral outdoor structure minimal
Rodolfo Dordoni design Roda outdoor sofa dandy green technological padding waterproof
Rodolfo Dordoni design Cassina table Boboli glass top metallic gold legs twisted

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