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Minotti outdoor and the materials

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Minotti outdoor




Minotti's proposals for the outdoors follow in the footsteps of the essence of this Italian excellence: to demonstrate the know-how by taking the tailoring aspect of each project into consideration. Daring to make a comparison with the world of high fashion, it can be said that Minotti is a luxury boutique that never ceases to surprise with creations that adapt to all occasions and appointments. The starting point is the cautious search for materials that have certain characteristics such as, for example, the ability to resist the wear of time and the action of atmospheric agents. These two characteristics are obviously the main ones for a material that wants to establish itself as a suitable choice for the outdoors. But not only. Minotti chooses real excellences - think of the precious Iroko solid wood - which manage to give life to balanced but amazing shapes, molded between classicism and modernity.

Minotti's furnishing accessories for the outdoors, such as chairs, seating systems and tables, are not born out of a context, rather they are stylistically closely connected with the proposals for the indoor. It is a path that dialogues in redesigning the spaces for living both inside and outside. Gardens and private terraces thus become open-air lounges where you can enjoy sunrises, suns and sunsets in relaxation without giving up any comfort. Minotti's outdoor collections also embellish the dehors of hospitality structures and the exteriors of yachts where the sea blesses the material.

And it is precisely the ambition of the open air that inspires the Virginia Outdoor collection designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, where the ductile, warm and soft lines of Iroko solid wood embrace feelings of freedom and well-being.

Quadrado takes inspiration from the nautical world and revolutionizes the use of the grating thanks to the work of Marcio Kogan for an outdoor to be experienced.



The "Virginia Collection" in solid Iroko to enjoy freedom in the open air

The Virginia Outdoor collection is a flagship of Minotti. It is a hymn to the open air, to freedom, to the views that are lost in the natural and metropolitan scenarios where you can breathe freedom and well-being.

Virginia Outdoor consists of a sofa, armchair and footrest which, thanks to the compact proportions, are well suited to different solutions that can range from a terrace to a small veranda to larger projects such as those dedicated to hospitality.

The absolute protagonist is Iroko wood which shows off all its qualities. It is a ductile, resistant, warm and lively material that gives character to the environment, and which, moreover, lends itself to different processes where modernity and classicism find much more than a compromise and is available both in natural finish and in dark brown color. Both treated with a protective varnish able to resist UV rays without ever losing brilliance. The structure is a classic example of clean lines and hosts the soft and comfortable seat and back cushions where the elegance of the upholstery is synonymous with attention to detail and function: they are in fact removable and above all water-repellent and perfectly suited for outdoor positioning.

The Virginia Collection is definitely a Minotti must have and all its adequacy and beauty are played out in the choice of Iroko solid wood: every grain, every shade of color, even in the unevenness, testify to the strength and value of this irreplaceable, resistant material, full of surprises in every shade variation.


Quadrado, the rationalist outdoor table that takes up the nautical scheme of the grating

Quadrado is the winning bet of Minotti and the Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan. Is it possible to change the fate of a system like that of the grating used purely in the nautical sector? Obviously yes and Quadrado is the most refined and, at the same time, an audacious example of this.

Quadrado is a rational and essential table in its lines. The design is based on a light interplay between materials and textures that are grafted into the linearity of the shape and culminating in the teak grilled top borrowed from the nautical world. From a structural point of view, the table, available in three different sizes, has the top resting on two aluminum supports that have the shape of panels that cross it on its shorter side and embellished with a very fine Lava Stone Powder. Here is the play of materials: dust, aluminum and teak give life to something unprecedented but rigorous.

Quadrado is also an interactive table on which it is possible to carry out new experiences: there are in fact a whole series of elements that can be added as trays and candle holders in lava stone that allow you to configure the table according to the occasions, guests and uses. To all this is added the modularity of the structure.

And then Quadrado becomes a game of dominoes with the surrounding environment: new combinations to discover new spaces, just as Marcio Kogan imagined.



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