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Functional outdoor kitchens

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outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens: the comfort at home, the freedom of open spaces 


Easiness to use, modularity, flexibility in space thanks to modular modules. These are the typical characteristics of an easy-to-use outdoor kitchen, where everything is simple and well sorted out, ready to host convivial moments. When you decide to install an outdoor kitchen, you have to take into consideration some details and avoid choosing superficially or based exclusively on your own aesthetic tastes. The choice of an outdoor kitchen should in fact be based on the frequency of use, the size of the space and the style of furniture and take into consideration exposure to climatic conditions, to understand where to place the cooking space, in order not to contaminate with fumes and smells invading the area intended for food consumption According to popular culture, outdoor kitchens are born in masonry, but in recent years the concept has evolved: the development of materials and technologies today make it possible to revolutionize the very concept of the garden, transforming it to all effects into an extension of the house. and this leads by necessity to have functional outdoor areas, especially resistant to atmospheric agents, and in which to cook many varieties of food. 

There are in fact models with removable plates that allow you to cook different foods in succession, without mixing the flavors. Among the essential elements we certainly find the sink, which in the case of a compact kitchen can be replaced by a tank, the cooking space, with hobs and grills, preferably consisting of a hybrid system, and a storage space

There are also elements dedicated to oriental cuisine, such as the Teppan Yaki plate, and smokers that allow you to insert wood shavings of various essences such as cherry, pear, apple or oak to flavor the dishes with the scents of the favorite wood essence. The new generation barbecues combine direct and indirect cooking to guarantee always and in any case food cooked to perfection. And the 'hot' modules are combined with 'cold': refrigerated drawers capable of maintaining their characteristics up to 43 degrees outdoors.

The materials are often taken from the naval industry, such as AISI 316 stainless steel which is not afraid of rust and is suitable for environments rich in salt or chlorine, typically those by the pool. The doors are light and indestructible, like those with an aluminum honeycomb panel then covered in warm solid mahogany, where the coldness of the metal is successfully softened.


Precision and flexibility for the Artusi outdoor kitchen by Arclinea

Strength, precision and planning openness. These are the distinctiveness of Artusi, the outdoor kitchen that declines the previous indoor version created by architect Antonio Citterio for Arclinea. Dedicated to the great chef Artusi, who inspired a versatile concept based on the freestanding composition, it is the perfect synthesis of design, ergonomics and function

It is based on the composition of autonomous, multifunctional and ergonomic steel work blocks. Rational and concrete, but also extremely flexible, capable of adapting to different spaces, its peculiarity is also the mix of materials that offers the possibility of customization. All external surfaces are coated in stainless steel, to ensure maximum hygiene, resistance and durability.

The Italia recessed handle is an exclusive Arclinea patent. The doors are made of 4 cm thick stainless steel, filled with a special insulating material and equipped with a magnetic gasket, to preserve the internal spaces from infiltration and intrusion of insects. The cases are in Okoumé marine plywood, which offers excellent resistance to external environments and a good degree of thermal insulation. The integrated barbeque is available on request in different sizes and solutions. The project is completed by a thermal container with internal drawers to keep the temperature of food and drinks, a stainless steel tap and a dedicated cylinder compartment, equipped with ventilation.


Norma, the versatile cuisine of Roda with a Mediterranean soul 

Norma: these five letters are enough to evoke the Mediterranean atmosphere, summer, the scents of Italian cuisine and the table as a moment of sharing. This is why Roda has chosen to call its first outdoor kitchen Norma, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni.

It is an outdoor kitchen with elegant profiles and high-level performance, modular and versatile thanks to the independent structure designed to adapt to both small and large spaces.

The Smoke-colored freestanding island with Lapitec top holds the steel sink unit and an underlying compartment which, on request, can also contain the refrigerator; the peninsula, on the other hand, extends to form a suspended aerial top that can also be transformed into a dining area. The five-burner gas-fired hob lives independently, can have fixed feet or wheels, which allow it to be stored under the work area of the peninsula if necessary and in the lower part it is equipped with shelves in larch slats and a practical tool-hanging bar. Among the options, the stainless steel plates and the wooden cutting boards that fit perfectly above the worktop.


Open by Boffi, the outdoor kitchen that stimulates conviviality 

“Open is an island, a place that connects the actions of cooking, eating, and being together. It can be in a room, but also outside." This is how architect Piero Lissoni defines Open, his kitchen created for Boffi, where everything is designed for hospitality: proportions, materials, style and performance. It is a system characterized by an open structure and marked by essentiality.

Its fulcrum is the in-line monoblock that houses the elements for cooking and washing, in AISI 316 stainless steel. In the center there is a removable solid iroko cutting board, under which there are two drawers. The block rests on a steel structure equipped with a low shelf in transparent wired glass. The ensemble is completed with a trolley on wheels to be placed under the sink, with a matt satin stainless steel structure, equipped with an upper container with three compartments and a lower container with seven compartments, both in solid iroko. The cooking and washing unit can be combined with a large snack counter in solid iroko, supported by a tubular steel structure equipped with two lower shelves in wired glass.


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