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Knoll and B&B Italia office solutions

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Functional, modern and minimal, these are the solutions for the office of B&B Italia and Knoll



Modern and refined aesthetics, functionality and innovative materials come together to find the perfect solution to create a home office, a home corner in which to work. The new needs imposed by prolonged smart working have changed the way of perceiving spaces and living them, increasingly moving towards the need to have intimate corners in which to concentrate on work without sacrificing comfort and style. Hence, in domestic spaces, places are born in which to recreate what is left in the office. All this reviewed and harmonized with the rest of the house, without neglecting any detail. The choice of many falls in wanting to furnish these new work areas by choosing iconic pieces of design, timeless items that embellish the environment even going beyond their practicality. Precisely for this reason we rely on leading companies in the design of office furniture to choose timeless pieces. Items that we can also find in luxury hotels, in the lounges of international airports and in the most prestigious companies in the world. This is the case of Knoll and B&B Italia, two design multinationals that with their proposals have changed the vision of office spaces.

Knoll is a furniture manufacturing company founded in New York in 1938 by Hans G. Knoll, a German furniture manufacturer who moved to the United States. It is known internationally for its constant dedication to modern design, evident in all its collections of armchairs, sofas, chairs, tables and residential furniture and in those of furniture for office environments. For nearly 80 years Knoll has remained faithful to the Bauhaus design philosophy, to which founders Hans and Florence Knoll belonged, according to which modern furniture must complement architectural space without competing with it. Instead, the result of the entrepreneurial vision of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, the B&B Italia Group, founded in 1966, has built its success on the ability to represent contemporary culture through design and to anticipate trends, in a constant attempt to respond to the evolution of taste. and the needs of living.


Albini desk by Knoll, a mix of rationalist design philosophy and minimalist aesthetics

A product born in 1958 that has never lost its charm. The Albini desk, which takes its name from the architect Franco Albini, combines glass, steel and wood with surprising clarity and balance. A clear demonstration of the rationalist design philosophy and minimalist aesthetics, the design draws its charm from the simplicity of the form and the magnification of the material, without extraneous ornaments. The simplicity of the chromed steel tubular structure with transparent glass top and the refined chest of drawers in black stained oak, also available in white lacquer, equipped with an open compartment in the back and two drawers with front without handles, but with grip side of the drawer in the front, make this minimal desk, built on the brightness of the crystal and the lightness of the steel particularly versatile, perfect both in rational environments and in those furnished in a classic way.


Platner table by Knoll, between functionality and decorative refinement 

Hundreds of shaped rods welded to circular frames that become structure and ornament at the same time. It is the main feature of the tables in the Platner collection, designed by the American architect Warren Platner in 1966, elements with an elegant, harmonious and decorative design, inspired by bundles of wheat. To the metal structure is added the preciousness of the top in transparent glass or with a bronze color finish with rounded edges. The Platner table is the designer's attempt to infuse modernism with "the kind of decorative, gentle and graceful design that appeared in period style like Louis XV". Although it is an article designed in the 1960s, its essence is timeless. In the living room at home as in a contract environment, it stands out for the ease with which it integrates with the rest of the furniture it is combined with, without disappointing the expectations of those who choose such a refined product.


Precision and lightness, the watchwords for the Iuta office chairs by B&B Italia

Comfortable and ergonomic, the Iuta swivel seat, designed by architect Antonio Citterio in 2000, has a contemporary profile and is perfectly suited to the living environment as well as to the office. This model, which has become an icon for B&B Italia, brings the accuracy of workspaces into the home and stands out for the soft lines of the aluminum perimeter profile. The lightness of the steel mesh of the backrest and the agile design of the spokes make it particularly pleasant even in the home context. The seat is characterized by the technical body in metal mesh finished with a glossy anodized profile. With or without armrests, it ensures extraordinary comfort. The Iuta seat is also available with a wide choice of bases that make it ideal as an executive office chair. Among the various models, the one in chromed tubular or four-spoke with fixed height or five-spoke with adjustable height. The chairs have a padded seat while the armchairs also have a padded backrest as an option to offer a more comfortable support.


Sina, the seat of B&B Italia enveloping like an embrace

Modern, functional and always current. The Sina seating collection, created by the German designer Uwe Fischer in 1999, is a swivel armchair with a four-spoke aluminum structure in two versions: with wheels and height-adjustable seat or with fixed seat without wheels. The single seat and back shell is made of thermoplastic material and stands out for its fluid line and strong contemporary character. Among its peculiarities is the possibility of adjusting the height of the chair through a control mechanism operated by a gas spring. Available with both fabric and leather upholstery, it is a particularly versatile seat, suitable both to embellish domestic environments with a timeless style and to furnish business contexts in a functional and aesthetically refined way.


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