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Artek Design Furniture Kiila Rack and Mirrors 124

Artek is undoubtedly one of the most valuable brands in the field of Nordic design,

always faithful to its philosophy since the very beginning: combine art and technology, as the company’s word pun cunningly suggests.


To confirm this, Artek's style has been excellently showed at the Stockholm Design Week last February with a series of furniture signed by Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken; a collection which runs to enrich the Domestic Helpers furnishing.


It is the first time that Rybakken focuses on furniture design, but the common thread in the experience undertaken as a light designer continues in these two new wood projects as an evolution of his previous work:


  • Kiila is a piece that consists of a coat rack, a bench and a hanger made in solid ash wood, metal and MDF fibreboard. It’s a family of robust objects, made to last.


  • Mirrors 124° have a unique sculptural quality. The two sides of the mirror meet together forming an exact angle of 124 grades from which they take the name, so creating a surprising game of reflections on the surrounding space. 124° are available in three different variants, including one with a built-in wooden ledge that provides multiple applications: they can be hung on the wall in any room or placed on a table or on a shelf.


Kiila and 124° enter our homes and help us in everyday life thanks to two essential characteristics of Artek’s production: functionality and beauty. 

Artek Daniel Rybakken Kiila Clothes Rail Close Up
Artek Daniel Rybakken Kiila Rail with Clothes
Artek Daniel Rybakken Kiila Clothes Rail Set
Artek Daniel Rybakken Kiila Bathroom Mirror
Artek Daniel Rybakken Kiila Desk
Artek Daniel Rybakken Kiila Mirror

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