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Molteni&C, the quality of know-how

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Molteni furniture



The history of Molteni&C through the last century tells of a great company that, step by step, has been able to establish itself in markets all over the world as a synonym of quality, refined details and craftsmanship capable of measuring itself against all changes of the era and, on some occasions even to anticipate them. Molteni&C has been representing the quality of living for more than three generations in an environment where the inexorable technological progress that looks to the future without fear has been combined with Italian craftsmanship and quality. And it is thanks to this passion that Molteni&C has established itself in the Italian and international market with products that have anticipated eras: such as the 'Cassettone', the first prototype of modern furniture, or bookcases that are ahead of their time. But that's not all: one of the most important and successful insights was the challenge of the first Milan furniture fair in 1961. The rest is history.

And it is a story that continues with a geographical and conceptual expansion: the presence of the brand in more than 80 countries is accompanied by the designs and supplies for the two embassies in Saudi Arabia and the large hotels in Egypt. Molteni&C enters the Olympus of the Contract Division, becoming the undisputed leader of large turnkey projects thanks to the collaboration with internationally renowned designers. It is a path with a double vision: on the one hand, production is standardized while on the other, attention to personalization and detail is never lost.

They are intentionally reflected furniture such as Gliss Master in Molteni's proposals, the perfect system of custom-made cabinets with extreme elegance as if to recall the content. A modular door system that adapts to any customization, offering different details for different stories.

Gio Ponti's D.153.1 armchair is a re-edition of the original 1953 model created by the famous master who needs no introduction and demonstrates how even a unique object if treated under the lens of detail, refinement and care can be the protagonist of timeless collections.


Gliss Master, a perfect ecosystem of bespoke wardrobes

Gliss Master is Vincent Van Duysen's idea of a modern walk-in closet that stands as one of the most refined and sophisticated models of Molteni furniture. Gliss Master is a custom-made wardrobe that can become a fully equipped walk-in closet in the available version without doors. The compartments can be bespoke into customized solutions that meet the needs of those who use it. In this way, drawers are discovered suspended in mid-air, pull-out trays, shoe shelves but also object holders and shirt holders and the various drawers can be equipped with dividers to diversify their use. The range of accessories is designed to create a perfect system, capable of containing all the details: the tie racks and jewelry racks are made of gray and ruby eco skin and the LED lighting guarantees perfect light in every corner of the structure.

Gliss Master, as in the short film Solletico produced to advertise it, becomes a fantastic and imagined elsewhere, a metaphorical wardrobe of a magic box without borders, without dividing walls and with doors that rotate 180 degrees, in a game where you can glimpse such spacious interiors in which you can also walk around giving free rein to the imagination.

A fantasy to compose and wear every day.


Gio Ponti master for Molteni & C with the famous D.153.1

The armchair designed by Gio Ponti in 1953 for his Milanese home in via Dezza is a symbol that Molteni&C decided to re-edit at the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair in the Gio Ponti Collection which, in a short time, became by Molteni furniture, an example of a reinterpretation of a classic without losing the foundations that make it timeless.

The structure of the armchair is made of satin brass that is upholstered in two-tone leather or in Rubelli "Punteaccato" fabric, designed directly by the master Ponti in 1934 who re-proposes the velvet technique, drawing inspiration from more contemporary patterns and visions such as, for example, the staggered stamps in color gradations. The frame, on the other hand, is in solid fir wood with elastic straps with a polyurethane padding; the lining is in coupled velvet and the legs are in heat-sealed steel.

The D.153.1 armchair is therefore a piece of unique design that can enrich the interiors of a fairytale house in Los Angeles immersed in a classic American postcard-like landscape.

It is the strength of Made in Italy that manages to create, where it is, a perfect atmosphere.