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Modern and design bathrooms


modern bathroom

Modern and design bathrooms: from modern icons to japanese inspiration



In the contemporary home, the bathroom represents the space in which to give time exclusively to one's well-being and self-care. The attention of the best designers to this environment, both in terms of comfort and of form and material, has made the bathroom one of the most sophisticated and scenographic spaces in the house: from bathroom fixtures that look like sculptures to taps designed with extreme attention to shape and detail. The best technologies offer sensory experiences worthy of a spa, but it is above all the elegance of the furnishings that populate a modern bathroom that gives real moments of luxury.


Agape Angelo Mangiarotti: the modern bathroom by definition

Architect, urban planner, designer and sculptor, Angelo Mangiarotti was one of the modern masters. His works arise from an untiring search for synthesis and design adequacy, which are expressed both in the architectural composition and in his design works. In the Mangiarotti collection by Agape the choice of materials enhances the sensuality of the sculptural forms, while the expressive formal sensibility is combined with the rigorous functionalism and the rationality of the industrial process.

The Bjhon washbasins, born from a project for garden planters and made of white Cristalplant® biobased or marble, are real functional sculptures. The truncated cone column contains the central drain and supports the basin, but the washbasin can be used individually on the tops of the other Agape collections.

The Lito washbasins, carved in white Carrara marble, transform the bathroom into a museum space. Lito 1 is characterized by an inverted “L” shape and a particularly soft basin; Lito 2, ergonomic and perfectly proportioned, appears as the skilful reinterpretation of the more traditional hand wash basin; Lito 3, the latest variation on the theme, is characterized by a dynamic and angular shape.

The irrenouncable ritual of the japanese tradition of the nendo at Bisazza collection

In Japan, the neighborhood public bath (sentō) was a place where locals could soak in a tub and socialize with neighbors. Oki Sato, founder of the Japanese design studio Nendo, has created a collection of products for Bisazza Bagno line starting from the idea that the furniture and objects in the collection seemed "all together in the bathtub", as in an inanimate sentō.

The taps are located inside the sink and tub, immersed in water together with accessories such as the soap holder or glass. A tray inside the sink becomes an island for items that need to be kept dry. The washbasin cabinet is a simple wooden frame, through which the water pipe rises from the floor to the tap. The glass of the mirror, characterized by voids, recalls the thermal water mirrors typical of Japanese onsen.

The Nendo Collection includes a larch wood tub, sink, shelves, mirrors, towel racks, clocks and stackable containers and each object is designed to function in multiples, in a variety of possible functions. Containers, for example, can be used both for storage and as planters.


Construction technology becomes elegant graphic design in the R.I.G. by Boffi

MA/U Studio specializes in the creation of highly engineered innovative furniture and shelving systems for the home, work and hospitality, with the aim of creating simple products with a great aesthetic impact, capable of adapting flexibly to the ever-changing use and purposes of modern living environments.

R.I.G. (Rudimentary Interior Geometry) is an universal modular system for racks and shelves based on a linear and thin structural grid in stainless steel which, in the version specially designed for the bathroom, composes a solid frame made of uprights, rods, stabilizers and supports for shelves, tops, fronts, panels and countertop washbasins. The metal elements are also developed as structures for mirrors and towel rails and allow you to create highly customizable wall or island compositions thanks to the wide range of materials, colors and finishes available for tops and shelves: lacquered, wood, marble, glass, MDI and Corian®, from marble to stone and glass.
With R.I.G. the bathroom area is revitalized and becomes an elegant space of great formal character.


The romantic bathroom by Antonio Lupi

A proposal that is anything but minimal, a vaguely nostalgic echo but absolutely current, a romantic and aristocratic style that combines the formal cleanliness and attention to detail typical of Antonio Lupi with a reworking of noble contents of the past: this is the Il Bagno collection by Roberto Lazzeroni for Antonio Lupi. It is a family of scenographic objects, which populate a bourgeois and fun bathroom, with classic shapes and soft lines: consoles and furniture in American walnut, wall lights, mirrors, accessories, taps, vases and bidets, a bathtub with legs and decorated glass shower box.

The excellence of the workmanship and materials used emerges from the materiality of the wood and the skilful use of lacquered color.

The reference to the sophisticated design of the 1960s is evident: mirrors, for example, are a tribute to the Tuscan company's past, when it was specialized in the production of mirrors.



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