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Minotti sofas, excellence made in Italy

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Minotti Sofas

Minotti sofas, synonymous with timeless style and refinement


The sofas are the passepartout of the living room: a soft touch that warms the interiors and invites you to relax. There are three keywords to choose the model that best suits your home: comfort, size and materiality.

Comfort represents a fundamental requirement and, in modern sofas, it is expressed through increasingly performing materials and ergonomic and sinuous shapes that welcome the body in a velvety embrace.

The dimensions can be multiple. They range from the extra-large, with large linear or corner seats, to be placed perhaps in the center of the environment, to the small size, with the two-seater sofa, such as those inspired by the design of the 60s, which invites you to go face to face and stay close.

The materiality is expressed through the fabrics, increasingly pleasant to touch, proposed in attractive and vibrant nuances designed for color lovers. The most popular shades range from blue to gray, if we are talking about cold shades, and from red to beige for those who prefer to embellish the living room with warm tones. There are companies like Minotti, excellence of Made in Italy born in 1948 in Meda by Alberto Minotti, which in producing sofas embodies innovation, artisan savoir-faire and meticulous sartorial attention to detail. The company, now in its third generation and launched on international markets, indissolubly blends tradition with avant-garde know-how: the knowledge of the artisans refines a product born from the most modern technologies, while the intelligence of the hands offers sensitivity and emotion into industrial precision. Hence, the Minotti sofas are linked to values โ€‹โ€‹of aesthetic sobriety, timeless elegance and continuity in tradition and, for this very reason, they are capable of giving refinement and identity to the environment they furnish.


Albert&Ile, a sofa that celebrates family history

Retro taste and family DNA. From the Minotti Archive for the designs of Albert&Ile, a family of chairs with a vintage flavor designed as a tribute to Alberto, the founder of the company who died in 1991, and to Ileana, his wife, currently Honorary President of the company. Albert keeps the armrests inspired by the 1900s and classic lines interpreted by the aesthetics of the 1950s. A front decorative element runs along its entire length up to draw the armrest: in solid wood, it is covered and subsequently fixed to the structure with tacks.

Ile, on the other hand, is close to the aesthetics of the Sixties. It is characterized by the hollow shape in the backrest and the design derived from classic armchairs, interpreted according to the tendency to the versatility of the shapes of the period. To enhance lines and shapes, coatings that have a sartorial flavor: mohair wool velvet, in vibrant colors with iridescent reflections from Mink to Cobalt, from Ocean Blue to Titanium.


Aston, the retro style sofa symbol of sartorial mastery

For the Aston sofa, Rodolfo Dordoni, an architect with whom Minotti has collaborated for a long time, recovers the memory of the bourgeois living room. It is a two/three seater model with pleasant and welcoming dimensions, perfect for recreating a conversation area where to host guests. Today, the way of living in the home has certainly evolved, but the taste for the recovery of tradition and for the measured elegance expressed by some furnishings of the past are back in vogue. Characterized by an enveloping backrest that blends into the curved line of the armrest, it lifts off the ground thanks to Pewter-colored die-cast aluminum feet that accentuate its retro design. The armchair, the dormeuse and the poufs are also part of the same series: seats with light volumes and a graceful profile united by meticulously tailored packaging. Aston is also available in the “Cord” version, dedicated to outdoor spaces, an example of how Minotti knows how to create a dialectical relationship between indoor and outdoor while maintaining the same design root and stylistic coherence both inside and outside the home.


Jacques, the sofa with enveloping lines and refined aesthetics

A design sofa with rounded and enveloping shapes. It is Jacques designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. The idea behind the project is to translate a retro taste into a sign of contemporary style thanks to details with a strong visual impact. The soft shape of the sofa, underlined by the sartorial care with which the company, thanks to a know-how gained over the years and a consolidated craftsmanship, creates the upholstery in fabric or leather, is not taken for granted. Neither perfect nor too lively, the silhouette of the modern two-seater sofa finds balance in the study of the curves that rest delicately on a particular metal base with a Bronze finish, which continues at the ends. A detail that gives a sophisticated decorative appeal and accentuates even more that sense of highlight that characterizes the sofa and that invites those who sit on it to dialogue. A refined aesthetic language that is expressed in soft shapes, containing proportions and details with a strong visual impact.


Elegance, relaxation and conviviality, the watchwords of the Seymour Lounge sofa

The Seymour Lounge sofa is designed by the architect Rodolfo Dordoni to furnish hospitality areas, enriching them with style and elegance and promoting relaxation and conviviality. This model interprets the welcoming, soft and sensual forms of femininity, while maintaining a marked formal strictness. The Seymour sofa is a monobloc seating system outlined by curved lines that satisfy the impulses of freedom and originality. Minotti enhances the seats with light stitching, which allows the creation of original and asymmetrical compositions, with a fresh and informal character. This sofa can interpret both a classic and a more contemporary style of the hospitality area, always maintaining its natural propensity for sociability and sharing.


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