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Maxalto sofas, luxury and versatility

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Maxalto Sofas



Maxalto is the exact moment in which industry meets the quality of Made in Italy craftsmanship to create unique and unrepeatable products that over time have become true icons of Italian design. Maxalto's philosophy is inspired by uniqueness: each piece is treated individually in the search for fine materials and finishes that are the result of skilful manual work.

Maxalto is a story that has lasted since 1975 when the architects Afra and Tobia Scarpa had the intuition. Since 1993 the management has been entrusted to Antonio Citterio whose creations revive tradition under the sign of modernity, creating harmony and balance, in an unmistakable style with refined settings.

Citterio's style shows the latest and most impressive representation in the new Heritage Perspectives collection, presented in Paris at the Rue du Bac showroom, at the beginning of 2020.

Aurae and Otium Soft are part of the new Apollo sofa collection: a renewed attention to shapes and finishes that prefer geometric designs and a new life for details. As is the case for leather upholstery in which particular seams are distinguished, all different for each model.

This is the sign of Maxalto's character: the products are both unique from a structural and manufacturing point of view but also from a character point of view. And it is precisely this character that suggests the choice of a sofa instead of another.

Luxury is irreplaceable and Maxalto represents it.


Otium Soft sofa: Antonio Citterio's latest design between memory and innovation

Otium Soft by Antonio Citterio for Maxalto is a sofa that winds between memory and innovation, it is a fluid space in which certainties and novelties flow.

Otium Soft is a modular seating system, designed by Citterio for the latest collection presented by Maxalto, which fits well within the living space, inspiring reflection on it and on the ways in which they are filled and lived. An ancient thought but declined to the rhythm of contemporaneity.

Otium Soft is a flexible and versatile sofa. The infinite possibilities of existing variants determines their versatility and specificity. It is available in two depths, respectively 96 and 105 centimeters, and thanks to its different widths, it allows for combinations that can be adapted to any space, from the smallest to the largest living rooms. From a structural point of view, it is made up of a sturdy steel frame while the support paddings, in shaped polyurethane and sterilized feather, are ergonomic in the seats, backrests and cushions.

Soft and welcoming padding and upholstery with a refined and exclusive character make Otium Soft can be defined as the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. It is functional because the lines are as rigorous as the most perfect forms but, at the same time, it is a sofa that paints a manifesto of contemporary aesthetics in the colors of the fabrics, in the value of the upholstery, in the unrepeatable finishes.


Aurae, the extreme elegance of geometry

Aurae, also created by Antonio Citterio, is part of the renewed series of Apollo sofas by Maxalto. Before being a sofa and a seating system, Aurae is the triumph of perfect and elegant geometries. The geometric volumes rise, very light, from the floor, bringing with them the rigor, clarity, cleanliness but also the softness of the lines that generated them.

Aurae is characterized by an extreme formal logic, as if it were a syllogism, and includes linear seats of different widths and accommodating depths; soft cushions create a backrest that offers extreme comfort, enjoyable and relaxing despite the original rigor of the lines. The lower edges of the structure are available in various metallic finishes painted with nuances starting from nickel and graphite and ending in shades of amber.

Yet the elegance of Aurae lies entirely in the attention to sartorial details: the fine fabric covers are embellished with eco-leather linings that draw and enhance the shapes, but not only: leather covers with 'profile' stitching are also available. An essential choice.

Quality is a detail that reveals a world and also Aurae's, looking to the future starting from the experience of timeless craftsmanship, capable of enchanting because it still has something to tell.



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