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Iconic and design tables by Maxalto

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Maxalto tables




Maxalto has always been synonymous with high-profile, refined and elegant furnishing objects that well embody the sophisticated spirit of this brand which, since founded, has aimed to reach the highest level of excellence. This is how home furnishing proposals of Maxalto have become true icons of Made in Italy, in the search for the uniqueness of objects, made in an artisanal way and with materials of the highest level. They are quality geometries where the shapes reach peaks of beauty and modernity that change the appearance of the areas of the house in which they are placed; is the search for the type of material best suited to the situation. Glass, marble, wood, Maxalto tables embody their uses, their destinations in this choice. Choosing a table means deciding the function through the space occupied and the arrangement of lines and color.

Among Maxalto's proposals there are two that well represent both the essential function of the table, namely hospitality, and the character imprinted by Maxalto.

Recipio '14, by Antonio Citterio, is a table with essential lines but decided that they are the sign of an evolution and a reinterpretation of a prototype designed by the architect himself: the upgrade that designed right after has led it become a flagship and recognizable model of the Maxalto collections and the main choice for the dining area of the living room but also suitable for other uses.

Xilos is versatile in the name of the variants in which it is available: it can be round, square, rectangular with different heights, lengths and widths. It is a unique object, which amazes in form and embellished by the quality of the wood, with which you can imagine different situations.


Recipio ’14, an elegant sense of hospitality

Made in 2014 by Antonio Citterio, Maxalto's Recipio ’14 has a solid wood structure that can vary from oak to beech. These types of wood, of the highest quality, give the table a reassuring solidity not to be confused with a static heaviness. Quite the opposite: the solidity of the structure allows the flickering and essential lines of Recipio '14 to express themselves in all their lightness. It is a table that conveys sobriety thanks to the slatted top that rests on inclined legs joined together by oak cross pieces available in different variants: this is what is defined as the contemporary version of the Fratino prototype.

The sizes available range from 60x60cm for the round table up to 180x100cmq for the rectangular console which finds the best place in the living room in front of the sofa or in the entrances and waiting rooms where it is perfect as a magazine rack.

Recipio ’14 is a table that is well suited to interiors with a modern style and refined furniture with a restricted palette of colors, thus managing to enhance itself and the exclusive design - the clean and unique lines.

It is comfort and elegance, manages to attract attention within an environment. This is why Recipio '14 is the optimal choice for those who do not want to give up a comfortable moment without derogating from the laws of aesthetics.


Xilos, an elegant, versatile and refined table

From the encounter between quality and tradition, hallmarks of Maxalto, and the visionary style of Antonio Citterio who manages to connect and speak the language of modernity, contemporaneity and refinement, Xilos is the perfect table for the dining area thanks to the the accurate line, the design and above all, the high-end finishes. The distinctive feature of this product is its recognizable cross structure, available in gray, light or brushed black, fumigated, natural wengé or Sucupira oak.

In the version that culminates with the round top, Xilos offers high quality finishes in Calacatta white marble, Emperador marble, Guatemala green marble or Sahara noir marble. But not only. It is also available in combination with a rotating tray made in two different sizes, with a diameter of 70 or 110 cm, and in six finishes and with an aluminum rotation system with steel spheres.

Xilos is a table that brings an atmosphere of elegant refinement accentuated by the high quality of the materials used. All this makes a leap forward to the environment in which it is inserted thanks to the versatility that is never banal and suggests vast solutions of usage. A table that is a certainty and a sum of new possibilities.



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