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Marenco by Arflex, the timeless sofa

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Marenco sofa

Versatility and softness in shapes: this is the Marenco by Arflex, a timeless sofa


Unmistakable design, wide modularity, comfort, softness, experimentation and style. It is these characteristics that make the Marenco sofa, designed by architect Mario Marenco for Arflex, still today a must of contemporary furniture.

Born in 1970, its creator in making it wanted to combine resistance and comfort with the possibilities given by the use of metal tubing coupled with polyurethane padding. Each cushion of the back, seat and armrests is padded, individually upholstered and is equipped with a supporting structure in tubular that simply slips into the fixed base in poplar wood.

In fact, Marenco has introduced a revolutionary system for assembling the cushions and armrests at the base. The cushions are simply threaded into a metal frame which increases firmness and strength. Although the large rounded shapes of the cushions show stiffness on paper, they reveal the comfort of Marenco and the fact that once seated you are surrounded as if in a hug. The padding in non-deformable polyurethane foam with different densities allows the body to sink comfortably, while the internal structure in metal tubing ensures proper support. The completely removable cover for the fabric version is practical. Each single element (backrest, seat and armrest) is individually upholstered and easily removable, with the exception of the leather version.

In 2007 Marenco won the Wallpaper Design Awards Best Reissues.


The lesser known face of Mario Marenco

Known to most as a television image in irreverent and successful broadcasts such as 'High approval' and 'Back All', alongside Renzo Arbore, the designer from Foggia has left a notable contribution to the world of architecture and design. He graduated in architecture in 1957, in Naples, then obtained research grants in Stockholm and Chicago.

In 1960 he opened his own architecture and design studio: Studio DEGW, based in Rome. His activity in these sectors, which he always carried on together with his artistic career, is testified by projects developed for well-known design brands. Marenco also collaborated with the most important Italian car manufacturers such as Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, for the construction of their exhibition stands. His design reflected the simplicity and brilliance of the forms, the vision of the environments and objects still linked to the Bauhaus purity of lines and ideas.

The Marenco sofa produced by Arflex is his best portrait. Elegant, comfortable, warmhearted. Eight cushions and an almost invisible structure, the quintessence of late twentieth century design.


Arflex, the perfect combination of industry and creativity

It is a subsidiary company of technology research, a brilliant expression of that meeting between industry and creativity that marked the birth of design. The history of Arflex begins in the fifties, from the project of a group of professionals and technicians who grew up within Pirelli. Aldo Bai, Pio Reggiani and Aldo Barassi, these the founders, understood the potential of certain new materials, in particular foam rubber. Production potential, first of all. But also expressive: many of the designers who then, very young, began to collaborate with Arflex, are now considered masters. Among others, Marco Zanuso, Franco Albini and Cini Boeri. In 1995 the company - now a big name on the international design scene - was taken over by the Seven group. Many historical pieces of the Arflex collection are periodically re-edited to confirm the unalterable value of the product.

Arflex, an all-Italian story that begins in the 1950s in a small factory in Milan, in Corso di Porta Vittoria, and immediately becomes a symbol of artisan culture, experimentation and innovation, thanks also to collaborations with the best designers, who have created of iconic and timeless pieces that have entered the history of world design.

The great strength of Arflex has always been its ability to synthesize design, quality, use and colour, which has made its furnishings a must to have at home.


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