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When it comes to kitchens, classic and modern styles are often considered two alternative ways, destined not to meet. The Made in Italy brands selected in our showrooms, however, demonstrate that apart from the different characteristics it is now increasingly common to see a mix between these two styles.

A classic kitchen with an elegant design, for example, can become timeless thanks to some traits that today are linked to the search for modernity, such as continuous experimentation to find the most avant-garde materials or the flexibility that has become increasingly important in contemporary home environments.

Dada, Arclinea and Boffi are among the best Made in Italy kitchen brands that we select because they are able to offer products of artisan quality, but in step with modern standards not only in terms of design, but also attention to production techniques and the most advanced technologies.



Thinking of the modern kitchen, the kitchen island is certainly one of the most essential elements for contemporary customers, who are increasingly interested in having an environment which, unlike in the past, creates continuity with other domestic spaces.

Relying on the experience and creativity of Vincent Van Duysen, Dada has produced Intersection, one of the projects that among all manages to bring modernity into the kitchen in every possible aspect. The play of proportions and thicknesses between the various elements capable of creating alternating lights and shadows, the use of materials such as Breccia Capraia natural stone and details such as the presence of a groove that allows doors and drawers to be opened without handles contribute to form an environment in which different materials and styles coexist with a balance that is difficult to recreate.

Also proposed by Dada, Ratio represents the evolution of the modular kitchen, where the structure is the protagonist. Metal lattices design the architecture of base units, wall units, tall units, hoods and accessories. Full volumes, empty volumes and tops of different thicknesses hook up with the slender and minimal structural technical elements, creating an extraordinary game of balances. Designed by Vincent Van Duysen, it is a kitchen with unique aesthetic characteristics in which apparently contrasting elements merge.



Boffi's Xila kitchen is the perfect example of how classic and modern can sometimes not only embrace but improve each other. Born in 1972, this model has unique characteristics for the time and creations of the intuition of Luigi Massoni, who was the first to propose the creation of wall units and base units without handles, equipped instead with a pressure opening. This quality, integrated in a modular system that already anticipated the importance of flexibility in the kitchen, has delivered Xila to the category of timeless classics, allowing this model to keep its essence intact despite the improvements made over the years thanks to the use of latest generation materials and the new available finishes.

But when we talk about classic kitchens, it's impossible not to think about Arclinea and the Italia model, designed by Antonio Citterio and presented in 1988. Again, it was the designer's ability to anticipate certain trends that would characterize the future, such as the use of steel, deeper tops or the possibility of creating customized configurations, to help make Italia a classic that is still on the market today.

Modern or classic, the best Made in Italy design kitchens await you in our showrooms.


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