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Minotti refined and eternal living room

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Minotti: sophisticated, modern living rooms with a timeless style


It is the most lively area of ​​the house, where people spend most of their time, where guests meet, interact with each other, eat, rest and carry out their recreational and non-recreational activities more frequently.

The living room, the fulcrum of the home, the place that most of all embodies our culture of living and living in the available spaces we have. Precisely for this reason it ends up enclosing our aesthetics, inspirations, memories, because it represents the happy island to return to every day after work to find yourself. Precisely for this reason it is of fundamental importance to furnish it with style, following one's tastes, choosing materials that are more in line with our perception of space. Normally, the living area is composed of must-haves such as a comfortable sofa, table, coffee tables, console and, if you like, armchairs, precisely designed, to give personality to the whole environment.

Minotti, excellence of Made in Italy born in 1948 in Meda by Alberto Minotti and specialized precisely in embellishing the living room by combining artisan know how and innovation, for over 70 years it has been creating furnishings rich in blending, precious, made with high-end materials and attention sartorial, and from a very strong identity. Their proposals give character to the environment, retracing pieces of design history.


Roger, a sofa to be composed with the imagination and personalized with style

When Roger was born from the idea of the architect Rodolfo Dordoni, the aim was to create a site-specific installation, which could vary its size each time depending on the space that hosts it. Multifaceted, to meet every layout and intended use need, and at the same time capable of intercepting multiple targets in terms of taste, it offers a very wide range of variants that make it extremely versatile and without design limits.

The system created for Minotti embraces three types of elements: Roger Suite, with seat cushion and depth of 101 cm, Roger Spring, a monobloc seat of the same depth, with an internal insert in pocket springs that guarantees non-deformability of the seat, completely with cushions on the surface. And  finally, the Roger Spring Sofà with a reduced depth of 94cm and without armrests.
The elements can be freely designed with high and low backrests, different types of armrests and the possibility of inserting support and containment elements, cantilevered on the back or in an end position, adjacent to the seat. A system, or rather a super system, capable of creating an exponential number of interpretations and configurations, both in the residential and hospitality sectors. The sofa has a custom-made drawn aluminum base, painted in Black Coffee color, on which rest the upholstery and the Case volumes in Santos rosewood stained Dark Brown, striped ash wood with open pore Black color or Ghiaccio, Cappuccino and Moka lacquered. With an open front or side storage compartment, lined in Brandy-colored satin aluminum.


Brutalist inspiration for the rectangular sculpture table Block

Looking at it it looks like a sculpture with that typical brutalist plasticity, instead Block is a coffee table created for Minotti by Rodolfo Dordoni, a piece of furniture with a strong identity. With a solid wood block structure, the Block coffee table has a base conceived as a solid volume in the shape of an "L" or an inverted "T". In Moka lacquered oak wood, it is complemented by a top that lets the implant appear on its surface. The top has a plastic aesthetic with smooth edges like a river stone and the solid finish in glossy lacquer, available in a color palette ranging from White to Rust and Moka.


Boteco, coffee table that perfectly mixes elegance and exotic aesthetics

An elegant and harmonious aesthetic, also with exotic features, is mixed with the skilful combination of different materials. These are the features at the base of the Boteco coffee table, which reveal the architectural approach of Marcio Kogan, the Brazilian architect who created them for Minotti. The Boteco coffee tables have a reduced height and an important thickness of the top of 8 cm which houses a recessed tray. They are offered both in matt lacquered Eucalyptus essence and in matt polyester lacquered Santos rosewood, both in combination with Sahara Noir marble, matt polyester varnish, which covers the built-in tray. Alternatively, a Gray Orobico marble top accommodates a lowered metal tray with a Golden Brown finish, like the supporting legs. The edge of the tray protrudes from the platen by 15 mm.


Daiki, the chairs by Kogan inspired by Japan

The passion for Japanese culture of the Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, with the Daiki chairs, also explores and reinterprets the American Mid-Century atmospheres in the decisive and concise lines, in the quality of materials and in the balance of proportions. Made with sophisticated woodworking, the curved frame consists of two elements joined at 45° with an inclination of the backrest that guarantees great seating comfort. Veneered in Santos rosewood or in Liquorice lacquered flamed ash, the frame accurately accommodates the cushions and rests on a metal structure with legs with a Black-Nickel finish. The family includes armchairs with deep seats, with and without armrests, and footrests.

Solid, the square console that refines the environment

In developing Solid, the square console of the Minotti family, Rodolfo Dordoni decided to start from a simple volume to give versatility, through the essentiality of their shape.

The Solid family is made up of elements that differ in form and function. Squared and with a cubist matrix, they intervene to characterize the residential and hospitality interiors with their decisive personality. The Solid coffee tables, in all sizes, are available both in the glossy lacquered version in the colors Corten, Muschio, Petrolio, Moka and in the open-pore ash finish in Moka. Some of them turn out to be useful storage elements thanks to drawers, with Moka-colored ash interior and push & pull opening, almost imperceptible to the eye thanks to their perfect aesthetics. They range from the parallelepiped volume, with a height suitable to be combined with a dining table as an additional seat, to tables with simple support or storage functions, up to the bedside unit for the sleeping area. The console table, which rests on metal blades with a Black-Nickel finish, completes the rich ensemble.

Linha, a refined table with a minimalist glamor

An expression of the minimalism deeply beloved by the Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, the Linha table is a manifesto of the constant search for elegance in proportions and almost obsessive attention to detail. It is a response to the design challenge of a dining table with a large length, a structure with a thin thickness of only 16mm and a top that reaches 4 meters in length. Visually it appears extremely light and airy, despite the strong impact of the materials used which leads marble as the absolute protagonist. In its more sculptural version, the structure draws a bridge, with the top flush with the sides, while in the other tables the blade legs, with a curved section on the inside, are set back from the top. The layered load-bearing structure is characterized by aluminum sides with a Golden Brown finish and a top in Grigio Orobico marble of great visual impact. To complete the Linha series, there is also a round version available in four sizes.



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