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Vision of integration in the kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house. It is here that we are together, we spend quality time, perhaps relaxing by cooking a nice dish or having a good coffee. Designing modern and designer kitchens is the new challenge for interior designers because it involves a lot of the people who will actually use them. Thus it is possible to create moving spaces to be continuously redesigned and refined according to tastes to give the whole environment a more interesting touch both from the point of view of utility, essential in the kitchen, but also of functionality.

Modern and design kitchens are dynamic, in step with the changing times of use of the environment and above all they have a privileged relationship with light: they must be very bright, making the most of natural light, thanks to stylish devices and choice of furniture and finishes that enhance and open the environment rather than weigh it down.

Modern and designer kitchens are an integral part in the design of a new home: they can be separated from the living or dining area but will certainly have easy access to ensure full livability of the space.

A design livability that is reflected in the conviviality of integration, as many or as few as there are, to spend moments of pure relaxation and creativity. 


Modern and design kitchens: each house has its own according to the available space 

Corner, with island or with peninsula. Modern and design kitchens can have different faces but all equally beautiful from an aesthetic point of view and successful from a functional point of view. Each home has its own modular kitchen which is becoming much more than a trend or a choice for furnishing. Modular kitchens are a true manifesto of a lifestyle that wants to live by making the most of the spaces, the products purchased and making the kitchen the nerve center of the home.

It is easy to understand that its main feature is the versatility thanks to which it is possible to realize furnishing solutions that integrate the space, experiences of use and needs and many more. The modular kitchen is a kitchen that has an extreme adaptability also as regards the choice of materials to be used both in the furniture and in the components that are configured according to needs.

Whether it is an island in the center of the room, or a peninsula joined to the worktop, or even a corner kitchen for the uses of space, the important thing is to enhance the potential of the environment by changing its face.

As for modern and design kitchens, Dada's proposals are always at the top of the range both in terms of choice of materials and design. The Vela by Dada, for example, is timeless harmonious form, attention to detail and successful direction of movements, while The Pivot Column plastically represents the universe and philosophy of modern and design kitchens: integration.


Vela by Dada, an island that makes the day more welcoming

Dante Bonuccelli changes the face of a timeless classic, reinterpreting its fundamental aspects with a modern twist that makes daily life at home cozy.

Thus was born Vela, Dada's kitchen where such thin lines almost dematerialize and rewrite new laws of proportions which, together with the distinctive technical details, make Vela one of the protagonists in the panorama of Italian luxury kitchens. The hinged opening mechanism, which creates a new door design, is the real novelty of the whole system and allows you to read it from different angles. But also in depth. Digging beyond the fine lines reveals the high processing technique of kitchen tops. In Vela they are made of steel, the result of research to combine technique, design and functionality in stoves and sinks perfectly integrated into the kitchen architecture, thanks to the choice of Foster as a partner.

Movement is the revolution of Vela. Drawers and baskets feature the exclusive Vionaro "movement" with a side patented by Dada in Multiline anodized aluminum. Then there is the iconicity of the handles which, with new designs, suggest different possibilities for opening drawers, doors and columns in a play of air and space, now mechanical now electrified.

Space, air and movement come together in an island with an elm wood top that becomes the nerve center and indispensable point of the daily joints around the kitchen where you can lean back quickly but also stop to fully enjoy the sensation of light, beauty and functionality of Vela.


The Pivot Column, the transversal integration to the whole Dada universe

The kitchen columns designed by Dada are elements that are able to interpret the leading role of contemporary design with the aim of solving the problem of space thanks to the vertical direction. There are different solutions that are best suited to the different needs that can be found gradually during the design phase, also based on the type of modern kitchen and Dada design. Whether they are classic, to be used as a pantry or in the insertion of appliances, or suspensions in the kitchen, with removable baskets or other accessories, the tall units are an excellent ally in the organization of the kitchen and the time spent in it. But not only. You can also be daring in choosing the kitchen column by insisting on removable steel shelves, enriched with electrical sockets, shelves, baskets in sophisticated lighting.

In the case of the Pivot Column, which Dada R&D developed in 2016, the peculiarity is to be equipped with doors with a 175 degree opening and to have a magnetic closing system that hides shelves, pull-out trays and appliances. Structured in this way, hidden and in full view, the Pivot column finds its place in almost the entire universe of Dada's modern and design kitchens: thanks to its versatility, it can be integrated into several models, always finding the right space to do this. for which it was designed. Organize the space making it aesthetically perfect and balanced.



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