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Joia, among design restaurants in Milan

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design restaurant Milan restaurant hall

A place where high-tech meets design. In the Porro design Joia restaurant in Milan, led by chef Pietro Leemann and starred since 1996, the Black tone ash and the Neve chairs are the physical transposition of gastronomic philosophy within the space.



A philosophy of cuisine geared to taste but also to health where nature is the first source of inspiration. Nature is also reflected in the restaurant room where wood and green are systematically arranged throughout the environment. Joia is one of the design restaurants in Milan, a vegetarian food temple where Porro's design frames a long list of dishes on the menu.


Tasteful and elegant furniture fills the space of this interior design restaurant in Milan where the Neve chair, thanks to its simple but soft lines, matches flawlessly the apparent simplicity of the dishes of the chef, carrying in physical space purity and genuineness.


Neve is a modern version of the classic wooden chair where a neat and linear structure contrasts the roundness of the legs and the metal, and the light curvature of the backrest. A play of straight and curved lines that makes the seat softer and extremely welcoming. A contrast that continues in the use of materials: solid ash for the structure and curved plywood for seat and back.


Joia, whose dishes are edible works of art drawn from the Italian vegetarian tradition shares this tradition with the modernity of Porro Design. 


There are many design restaurants in Milan and Joia ranks among the best thanks to Porro and its unique design.




design restaurant Milan restaurant hall
design restaurant Milan Joia porro design neve chair
design restaurant Milan Joia porro design Pietro Leemann
design restaurant Milan Joia porro design Leemann
design restaurant Milan Joia porro design starry plate
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