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At the service of design

Our offer is a comprehensive service which, we are sure, will satisfy even the most demanding customer.
The decades of experience allows us to provide a type of targeted and competent assistance at every moment.

Find out how our services complement the offer of consulting specialized in every area of design and interiors;
contact us without any obligation, just for info or an appointment.

services guaranteed by SAG'80 worldwide


do not scare us

For us, the customer needs come first. Wherever you are, SAG'80
guarantees our services of consulting, project development, delivery and assembly.
Our team is always ready to reach all over the world for any project, anywhere.

SAG'80 team guides the customer in every phase


Design projects
at the service of
companies and
private clients

The design activities of SAG’ 80 ensure great attention to detail as well
as to project as a whole. Whether it is private houses, working spaces, reception areas
or large companies, we will give life to your dream space by guiding you through
every stage of the project.
Our team of interior designers and architects will be able
to design according to your needs by working in continuous tension between
new trends and traditional quality.

SAG'80 projects both residential and hotels and large offices


We realize
great projects

We have built a concrete space in the architectural and design world
over the years becoming a reference point in this industry.
The Contract division realizes major projects in residential estates,
hotel trade and large offices thanks to the collaboration with the best
manufacturers and design firms.
The high level logistical expertise allows our teams to achieve the best
results through a complete management from the design draft until
the final tuning.

SAG'80 team follows every phase of the work for the customer


From ideas
to turnkey

For SAG'80, anything is impossible. The dimension of the project
really doesn’t count. The team of professionals is available to meet all kind
of customer requirements.
Each space is furnished through ad hoc projects, designed according to
your preferences: there is a design solution to every request.
No need to worry about anything: from paperwork until the plant
management, our team will follow each phase of the work for you.

SAG'80 operates all over the world from Milan to every destination


From us to you

No matter where you are, our products will reach every destination
in short time and always accompanied by a team of professionals to install
the furniture at the best. Our Milan based service is available throughout
the world to export our quality everywhere.

an app to manage installations lights and other appliances


becomes simple

The automated home is not the future but the present at your hands.
Our team will guide you step by step to make every space not only aesthetically
pleasing and in line with your style but alsofunctional and independent.
Your whole house in an app to manage lights, appliances, machinery, HVAC
and much more with a few simple gestures: it has never been easier.

at SAG'80 you can live in virtual reality your new space designed by our team


See the future
with your own eyes

Our history is based on tradition but also looks to innovation, so thanks to the innovative tools that we are proud to be equipped with, you can experience the virtual reality by seeing every room before you could possibly touch it. It’s easy: you describe us the space of your dreams, we design it and finally, wearing some special glasses, you will see it through these lens. With the amazing opportunity to move inside this virtual room, you will decide if it is the right one for you before even buying it. Seeing is believing.

SAG'80 experts follow the customer in all his choices among the design trends


Experts in style
and trends

Let yourself guide by our experts, they will advise you in purchasing only
the best of international design at the right value for money.
Come to visit us at our showroom or corporate points. You will take advantage
of an exclusive service based on your needs and you won’t mistake to do
the best choice among the ultimate trends in vogue.

A design wedding list


Yes, I do.

SAG'80 provides the wedding list service within their showrooms.
You will have access toa unique catalogue, complete with everything that
a new house needs.

Enhance your spaces with design!

Call us at +39 02 63470257
Or write to us and send your plan.

One of our designers will guide you with your choices.