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The iconic lamps of Artemide

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Artemide Discovery



Artemide and light, a perfect combination that does not fear confrontation with time. Artemide products are the result of the encounter between art and technique giving life to something unrepeatable. They are the result of experiment and research into new methodologies, cutting-edge materials with a view to improve people's lives. From here are born collaborations with prestigious designers but also with young talents with unique creations among their generation, which fascinate from both aesthetic and functional point of view. The Artemide lamps therefore become true timeless icons, which combine the most advanced modern technologies with the best of traditional craftsmanship, giving moments of light and well-being.

Artemide's collections are many and different from each other but all with one goal: to make the environment you experience pleasant through a discreet but essential presence.

An example is certainly Discovery, a perfect synthesis of Artemide's knowledge, values, innovation in research and the care of every single project.

But there is much more. Defining the Eclisse by Artemide as a 'desk lamp' may seem shallow: it is not only a useful accessory to illuminate a work surface, but a very valuable piece of design that enriches the environment in which it is placed with style. A unique piece that has represented a whole generation.


Discovery, a circle of light that radiates into the room 

Discovery is certainly one of the most refined or simple creations by Artemide where optoelectronic competence and design ability allow you to achieve a perfect result. The Discovery by Artemide is a light element, which does not invade the environment, imperceptible at first sight to the point of seeming dematerialized. It is the light that gives it weight and volume: in fact once turned on then it is possible to see the illuminated surface. The uniform light that radiates making it suitable for installing especially in work environments. But not only that: Discovery prefers large spaces to be illuminated and it is in the interior that all its potential emerges.

Playing with the principles of geometry, this product takes two parallel paths.

The Discovery Wall, thanks to the perfect and infinite circular shape, is a guarantee of homogeneous, complete and total light. It looks like a large moon, full, close and bright, ready to welcome those who choose it to give them a new emotion in perception.

The Discovery Space, with its cut, square and rectangular shapes, hypnotizes the vision thanks to the range of colors available that suggest sometimes a warm light, sometimes a cold one. It is like being at the front of an art installation suspended between ceiling and floor, sky and earth. A scenography for the environment in which it is located.

Designed by Ernesto Gismondi, soul and founder of Artemide, the Discovery collection brings with it the distinctive traits of the personality and life of the creator: a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a constant idea of true unexplored galaxies, bright stars and infinite immensity.


The revolution of light on the working desk born with the Eclisse

It is Eclisse and it was Ludovico "Vico" Magistretti who designed it in 1965 leading him towards winning the Compasso d'Oro, considered one of the most prestigious awards of Italian design, only two years later in 1967.

Eclisse and design are a successful link: this lamp is among the most authoritative representatives of Italian excellence in the world, so much so that it is part of the permanent collection of some of the most important design museums such as the MoMA in New York and the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

The idea came to Magistretti while he was on the Milan Metro and thinking of Jean Valjean's lantern, a blind lamp, described by Victor Hugo in The Miserables; in order not to lose any of that inspiration, he drew a first sketch of the project on the back of the metro ticket.

After more than half a century it still remains an absolute masterpiece of the Artemide house and an object of worship and collection all over the world.

Eclisse was truly a revolutionary product capable of forming a new vision based on a solid relationship of balance between form and function, design and utility towards the path of functionality based on simplicity.

It has a spherical shape with bright colors in full 70's style that contains the light source protected by what may appear as the classic lampshade. But at a closer look, the revolutionary intuition shows itself: there are two lampshades, with a hemispherical shape. The exterior is fixed while the interior is adjustable and by rotating 'eclipses' the light source, makes it possible to customize it, from direct to diffused and vice versa, to the desk lighting to suit your taste and need.

An iconic, symbolic product that still fascinates at first glance.



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