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contemporary furniture by Pinuccio Borgonovo for Citterio

It is not always easy to pick the right furniture for your house


especially if it is about the bookcase: the offer is wide and there are countless solutions for every style, shape, material and budget. So how to decide for the best? Here  some useful tips:


  • Make sure to know your needs well before making the purchase; this means to be conscious of where exactly it will be positioned, what kind of use you will make of it, what to put in it: books, objects, TV, record player, etc..
  • Think about the cost, but most of all, the value for money: don’t limit to spend as little as possible, also think about the long lasting quality of this item.
  • Rely on a professional: the ability of a designer is precisely to translate the customer needs into practical solutions, in line with the budget planned.


For this reason, SAG’80 Group is ready to offer a big range of bookcases suitable for any client request. Here are some examples:


  • Trolly,by Borgonovo for Citterio SpA, is a highly flexible double-sided bookcase, adaptable to any kind of environment thanks to its modularity.
  • Solaio by Carlo Cumini for Horm, made of wood with an interlocking system that combines linear aesthetic with maximum strength.
  • Oblique by Marcel Wanders for Moooi, is a contemporary and versatile solution to exhibit your favorite books, magazines and photos.


Come to visit us. This and much more are awaiting for you at our four showrooms signed SAG'80 Group.

contemporary furniture by Marcel Wanders for Moooi
contemporary design bookcase by Carlo Cumini for Horm
contemporary design bookcase by Pinuccio Borgonovo for Citterio

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