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perfect mix between classic and modern furniture

Recognized internationally, Giorgetti S.p.A. has a more than a century-old tradition


that started in Brianza and continues to be written, basing its solid foundations on the awareness that innovation is rooted in the experience and constant projection towards researchGiorgetti is not only depositary of a long tradition but it also provides a very extensive offer, all to discover out in every detail, like a revelation. For this reason, SAG’80 Group’s team is able to give you specific advice about it.

To characterize the company and to make it a reference point in the art house furniture is not only manual skill and tradition but also the highest quality


in the choice of raw materials: wood, fabric, leather, but also metal, glass, marble and padding. The fusion between ebony manufacturing and technological progress is the basis of its success. Massimo Scolari, Laura Silvestrini, Léon Krier, Chi Wing Lo, are only some of the designers who have contributed to bring innovative solutions and a unique style to this firm.


Giorgetti is honored to distribute made in Italy products all over the world since the sixties.


It put the signature to true icons of design such as the Spring chair and Zeno desk by Scolari; the Progetti seat collection by the Giorgetti Research Centre; some contemporary pieces such as Eva bergère; the multifunctional piece Town by Carlo Colombo; the Hug armchair by Rossella Pugliatti and the brand new collection Atmosphere.

Names that have changed the history of design: contact us to find out more and get in touch with the true quality of Made in Italy. On top, both in terms of product and service, also in the realization of contract projects, Giorgetti manufactures refined and original solutions designed for and with the customer.


Discover Giorgetti with our Interior Designers!

classic design by CHI WING LO for Giorgetti
made in italy design by Carlo Colombo for Giorgetti
classic design by Giorgetti
classic design by Massimo Scolari for Giorgetti
classic furniture by Massimo Scolari for Giorgetti
classic wooden design by Giorgetti
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