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The Mediterranean luxury of Gandiablasco

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Gandiablasco furniture

Gandiablasco, outdoor furniture symbol of Mediterranean luxury


Passion for the outdoors, a dream that comes true on the edge of a cliff in the north of the Balearic Islands and which takes inspiration from the Mediterranean, the colors and the generous nature. This is the story of Gandiablasco, a family business founded in 1941 in Valencia, Spain, by José Gandía Blasco and reinvented by his son José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales. A long journey that started from the Valencian textile industry passing through the design of furniture and outdoor spaces in the mid-90s, and which currently has distribution in more than 90 countries on 5 continents, as well as various showrooms.

The collections, still produced at the Valencian factory, include modern furniture for outdoor environments, all linked to a Mediterranean lifestyle born over 20 years ago, inspired by the indigenous architecture of Ibiza and the passion for the outdoors of the founder of Gandiablasco. The elemental geometry applied to the furniture for swimming pools, gardens, terraces and courtyards gives a strong character to the brand that responds to timeless and universal aesthetic canons, to the point that clean shapes and sober colors have become a trademark. The luxury of simplicity that favors the cleanliness of shapes, together with linearity, completes the external environment they furnish, the landscape, without overdoing it. The clean design, elaborated with aluminum frames combined with polyethylene, opened up market niches that had never been there until then, confirming the expansion of the company all over the world.

The beauty and timeless functionality that characterize the furnishings designed by Gandiablasco, in the latest collection are reinterpreted with the creative features of Luca Nichetto, Søren Rose, Mayice Studio and Made Studio, some of the most famous icons of the Spanish brand.


Gandiablasco always seeks essentiality and timelessness in its creations, the source of natural inspiration has always been the Mediterranean where, for several millennia, the cultures that have inhabited the territory have created different forms of expression in any discipline.


Onde by Luca Nichetto, a perfect mix of Italian and Scandinavian aesthetics

"The idea was to create a modular sofa and allow it to develop in a flexible, versatile form. An inspiration that comes from observing changes in the market and the need to create furniture for the outdoors that can also be used for interiors ".

This was created by the Venetian architect Luca Nichetto with the Onde outdoor collection designed for Gandiablasco, in which Scandinavian aesthetics blends with Italian design. It is in fact a modular line - made up of armchairs, sofas and tables with simple and minimalist lines - designed for the outdoors but equally captivating in an indoor space.


Capa, Nordic style for an intimate and welcoming experience

"As a designer I have always worked to invent something that does not exist: it is like a constant struggle to bring together a purpose with a need, a union capable of being the solution to a problem".

Word of the Danish designer Søren Rose, who in the Gandiablasco collection Capaper evokes the Danish concept of "hygge" and aims to transform any type of outdoor environment into an intimate and welcoming experience. Between Copenhagen and New York, the designer skillfully combines opposites to give results that are as simple and serene as they are refined and elegant.

The soft light of the Nordic style is perceived in each of the elements of this compact and singular series: the armchair, the two-seater sofa and the coffee table of the collection combine thermo-lacquered aluminum welded into structures with soft lines, the Iroko wood of the armrests, generous and warm textile touches and innovative surfaces thanks to a new material, Dekton® by Cosentino. It is a timeless and sustainable proposal, which is placed outdoors in the passing fashions, reflecting the soft light of the Nordic style.


Buit, an ergonomic aluminum mesh that looks like a sculpture

Sculptural, metallic, ultralight, Buit is the collection of outdoor furniture designed by Mayice, the studio founded by architects Marta Alonso Yebra and Imanol Calderón Elósegui for Gandiablasco. The central element of the collection, awarded with Archiproducts 2019 and the NYCxDESIGN 2019 Awards, is aluminum, a fetish material of the Spanish company, and the various modular furnishings are born from a study of resistance and ergonomics, and consist of a simple armchair and a pouf in aluminum mesh woven with a special quilted fabric for exterior reminiscent of wool, developed in collaboration with Kvadrat - Febrik, with great resistance.

The starting idea of the collection was to create a sort of ultra-light aluminum mesh and fabric rug that could deform according to the way you sit on it. From an aesthetic point of view, Buit brings visual lightness. Being a folding sheet, the visual impact on the space is less than that of other volumetric furniture. On a material and functional level, its lightness allows the water to disappear quickly and not to allow dust to settle.


Bosc, comfort and aesthetics between tradition and modernity

Bosc is an elegant collection of outdoor furniture designed by Made Studio for GlandiaBlasco. The series consists of a lounge armchair, a 2 and 3 seater sofa, and modular compositions. The freshness of the Bosc collection recalls the suggestive atmosphere of the Mediterranean, the long coasts soaked by the sea, places where you can get lost and find yourself. The comfort and adaptability of the armchair and sofas recreates the same feeling of relaxation and welcome, enhanced by the textile component that makes the products comfortable even before sitting down. Armchairs and sofas have a welded aluminum structure and micro-perforated sheet metal that reproduces the traditional natural wicker pattern.


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