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Fashion and Design 2018


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Reds, golds and neons: these are the colours of the glittery Milanese week. Let’s explore how the runways will influence the 2018 furniture trends!


Scarcely a month has passed since the last Milan Fashion Week, yet the fashion and design 2018 trends set by the Italian catwalks are already appearing in the Sag80 Group showrooms in Milan.


References and provocations. Coupling discordant colours.


This is the direction 2018 is heading towards, a path designated by the glittery Milanese fashion ceremony, that reached its zenith with Alessandro Michele’s Gucci show. The Gucci event hit the headlines with its operating theatre set and wax replicas of the models’ heads: a truly striking effect on the catwalk. The event organised by the Kering group brand, however, did not surpass the artistry exhibited by Moschino in their portrayal of a modernised 60’s zeitgeist.


Mixing an exceptional rendition of 60’s glamour with a touch of science fiction aesthetics - displayed in the blue and orange painted faces of the models -, Moschino single handedly determined the course of the entire season’s relationship between fashion and design. The unforgettable Jackie Kennedy-style retro tailleurs and the neon apparel, central to the 2018 runway and icons of the Moschino collection, create a style that revolutionizes not only the look of its wearer, but also that of its surroundings.


No surprise that red and all its variations are trending in the colour swatch of the 2018 furniture trends. The Scandinavian nuance of this colour in particular is the most fitting hue that will give your home an incredibly glamorous look. Red can line our walls as wallpaper or feature in our homes as luxurious furniture, finishes or as decorative features.


Prime examples of stunning red design are the suspension lamp Le Soleil manufactured by Foscarini and the iconic design of the Utrecht sofa and armchair. Le Soleil can be described as discrete and minute. Utrecht, a Cassina sofa-armchair designed by Gerrit T. Rietveld, is a striking piece of furniture capable of revitalising an entire space. Utrecht is composed of a supporting structure made in steel and is padded with polyurethane foam and polyester wadding. Playing exclusively with the visual repetition of L-shaped lines, the Utrecht sofa-armchair, as the perfect synthesis of fashion and design 2018 trends, is the ideal accessory for your home.


Another colour highly featured in the Milan Fashion Week is gold. Employed in the design of trousers, trench coats and  pencil skirts, gold-tones are going to be a real must even in the 2018 furniture trends.


Why not pair a golden dress with elegant furniture design?


Combining artisanal dexterity and avantgarde design, De Castelli furniture are the perfect answer to these wishes. The De Castelli Convivium table, that resembles a sculptural installation, could be the missing piece of your kitchen or living room. The strong and sturdy Convivium table, designed by the Lombard Nikita Bettoni, is characterised by metallic ribbing influenced by the art nouveau of the École de Nancy.


For the more creative and artistic clients, fashion and design offer much more daring combinations, that play with neon and pastel tones. If the recent catwalks rediscovered the more playful hues of pink and baby-blue, equally influential were the uses of much less conventional shades, also found in the 2018 furniture trends.


The modular Cabrio armchairs, manufactured by Living Divani, feature the fluorescent tones of yellow, green, orange and purple. Exquisitely combined with the rigid shapes and solid materials of the Cabrio collection, the garish colours of these chairs are perfect for the modern and playful design of an outdoor space.


For those who are more interested in classic shapes but don’t want to renounce the fashion and design 2018 trends, a solution can be found in the design of smaller home accessories.


The lightings designed by Jorge Pensi for B.Lux are perfect for these clients. Intertwining Scandinavian rationalism and American organicism, the suspension lamp Olsen S and the table lamp Olsen T reinterpret the main concepts of these two philosophies through the visual lightness of the metal and the classic white and black tones, with a final touch given by the neon electrical cable.


Fashion and design 2018. An inseparable duo, perpetually mirroring and renewing each other. After all, it doesn’t take much for design, real design, to be fashionable.


Written by Marco Colombo for Sag80 Group

fashion_design_furniture_trends_2018 utrecht cassina red home furnishing white geometric
fashion_design_furniture_trends_2018 convivium decastelli oro art nouveau ecole de nancy avant garde
fashion_design_furniture_trends_2018 cabrio living divani neon outdoor rigid multicolour minimal
fashion_design_furniture_trends_2018 moschino jackie kennedy 60s yellow blue milan fashion week 2018
design_furniture_trends_2018 olsen t jorge pensi white table lamp green neon cable scandinavian
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