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When the influencer and model Sara Nicole Rossetto chose to renovate her 100 m2 apartment in the heart of one of the most fascinating areas of Milan, the aim was to give shape to a house that combined different stories, especially hers and that of her partner, and aroused emotions.
In particular, Sara wanted a shelter capable of recalling both memories and the present and a professional path that leads the influencer to communicate every day with tons of thousands of users through her digital content.
For such specific needs, there could be no better partner than SAG'80, renowned for years for its ability to create tailor-made projects that fully satisfy the needs of its clients by drawing only from the best of Italian and international design.
In the renovation of the Rossetto house, the Milanese store was involved in particular in the choice of the furnishings of the living area, the beating heart of the apartment directly overlooking the Arco della Pace, one of the symbols of the Milanese city, and irradiated by the natural light that enhances this space, bringing that brightness that represented a crucial element in the influencer's ideal of home.


The SAG’80 Furniture for Sara Rossetto

In the puzzle of furniture carefully selected by SAG'80 for the Rossetto home, each piece plays a leading role, contributing with its own style and personality to create a harmonious and romantic atmosphere, as desired by Sara. The main actor of the living room it is certainly the large and sinuous Camaleonda sofa designed by Mario Bellini for B&b Italia, whose soft, sculptural shapes and light shades fit impeccably into the context, also acting as a natural divider with the dining room opening up to its shoulders.
To complete the conversation area, the Marenco armchair by Arflex is added, with a brown shade that simultaneously creates a contrast with the lighter colors of the surrounding environment and a continuity with the mirrored Elios coffee table made of glass and black marble, which placed right between the sofa and the armchair, acting as a support point. Furthermore, the Lithos Maxalto Pouf represented the ideal solution to combine the comfort and versatility of an element that can be easily transported according to needs.
But as stated by Sara Rossetto herself, the living area of her Milanese home was also designed with SAG'80 to embrace her work needs and to transform itself, if necessary, into a "set for my digital contents". This also explains the presence of a corner with a more elegant and professional soul, with the Ponti desk by Arflex on which an iconic piece such as the Snoopy Lamp by FLOS is positioned, flanked by two headlights, also designed by FLOS, with a pair of lamps Parenthesis by Achille Castiglioni.
A support, that of SAG'80, which proved fundamental in allowing Sara Rossetto to create that "collector of memories and emotions", as declared to Ad-Italia, which the influencer desired both to feel at home and to be inspired while at work.

Photo by Specchi Studio

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