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The history of Emmemobili is hand in glove with the use of timber, a material that the company has been rediscovering and enhancing since 1879.

The different characteristics and features for each piece of wood used have in fact inspired the philosophy of a brand which today stands out for its handcrafted production which, as opposed to the serial one, allows to obtain unique pieces, which represent much more than the simple mix of design and functionality.

This type of imprint, carried on for over a century by the Tagliabue family, was also made possible by the close collaborations with extraordinary designers, which allowed the company to grow and evolve constantly, experimenting with new ideas, trends and processes .

Among these, the figure of Ferruccio Laviani also stands out, who fully embraced the Emmemobili philosophy by building a long and fruitful partnership with the company, creating various iconic pieces.



Before establishing himself as one of the major protagonists on the Italian and international design scene, Ferruccio Laviani graduated from the Professional Institute of Violin and Wood Craftsmanship in Cremona, to then continue his training at the Faculty of Architecture in Milan, where he graduated in 1986. At the same time, however, he also attended the Politecnico di Design in Milan, experiences that were the lead first to his entry into the De Lucchi studio and then to the opening, again in the Lombardian capital, of his private studio.

His strong creative vein, enriched over time by experience, goes well with Emmemobili's philosophy always aimed at experimenting and finding solutions that lead to unique results, and it is precisely in this context that the Evolution sideboard fits, which intends to return to the path of evolution of wooden furniture that the company itself has undertaken over the years.



In fact, at first glance, it seems that the design of Evolution by Emmemobili is born from a fusion between the ancient and the modern, which certainly breaks with traditional aesthetics but returns a great expressive sensation.

In fact, inside Evolution there are two souls, only apparently opposite: on the one hand you can see the masterful hand-carved decorations in the wood belonging to the classical world, on the other the formal cleanliness typical of a modern veneered sideboard.

If the originality of the concept already sums up a good part of Evolution's character, to make the sideboard even more exclusive there are numerous fine finishes in sandblasted oak, in various shades, or details such as the handles in brass or brushed steel.

Come and discover the unique style of Evolution in our showroom in via Boccaccio 04, Milan, the perfect synthesis of the collaboration between Ferruccio Laviani and Emmemobili.

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