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Dada, inimitable high-end kitchen

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Dada kitchens

Dada, inimitable high-end kitchen


Dada is a brand, a recognizable and inimitable image all over the world and is a guarantee of excellence and high-end products in the kitchen sector. It was 1972 when the Dada brand was officially founded thanks to the commitment of Gaetano Garavaglia who gave new impetus to the laboratory founded in 1926 by Angelo Garavaglia. This opens a new chapter in the history of the production of Italian high-end kitchen furniture. It was 1979 when Dada Kitchens joined the Molteni Group, assuming that visual identity, the result of Luca Meda's intuition, which has accompanied it to this day. Thus began the collaborations with architects, designers, photographers and graphic designers among the most influential and innovative in the world who contribute to creating the entire narrative of Dada. Yes, because Dada is not just a furniture brand but is a real inspiration that makes innovation, contemporaneity, quality of materials, technological knowledge and the relationship with space its texture.


Today Dada Kitchens is a market leader in the kitchen sector by virtue of a production of models that are all different in terms of type, function, finishes and materials used. It is possible to combine individual elements of each series with each other so as to create hyper-specific and extremely customized solutions to meet the needs of customers without neglecting functionality, and absolutely do not want to give up high-end design products. The experiments and contaminations with professionals of the highest level, combined with the constant study of materials and design research, guarantee the placing on the market of reliable and original types of kitchens where technologies are indispensable without ever being invasive or covering.

Design is the guiding star of the Dada universe. A design that gives life to creations that can become 'standard' but also unique creations, which fit well into important architectural contexts, such as, for example, special contract projects.

This is the case of Ratio, the kitchen designed by Vincent Van Duysen which, in the renewed guise in terms of modularity and materials, maintains a particular and recognizable architectural character; or XY system where functionality is perfectly integrated with perfect and modular geometries inspired by Cartesian rationality.


Ratio and Architectures for the kitchen

Ratio is the kitchen conceived as modular where the structure is the protagonist and gives a direction to the whole creation: the bases, the wall units, the columns, the hoods and the accessories are architecturally designed and defined by the metal lattices. The result is the eternal and elegant game of balances where different floors and full and empty volumes alternate and connect to the technical elements of the structure so slender and minimal.

Ratio is not just linear architecture. In fact, Van Duysen also includes corner solutions, central islands and furniture for accessories in the design, able to satisfy even the most demanding customers thanks to the finishes. Obviously there is no shortage of surfaces where you can consume snacks, innovative and functional solutions dedicated to both the washing and cooking areas that integrate perfectly into the grammar of the project. A grammar that is also enriched with new bases, with slatted doors, and a lighting system that designs a decorative and suggestive frame.

The chosen materials, selected after careful research, recall the Mediterranean shades with their recognizable colors: there are alternating refined essences such as Thermo oak and sophisticated natural stones such as the new Breccia Capraia, silk georgette marble or Rapolano travertine to which metals such as bronze aluminum are added and interspersed.

Ratio is a real graphic kitchen in which every element, structure, surface and upright is part of an architecture in full view.


The XY System, the Cartesian plane that defines the space of accessories in the kitchen

Francesco Meda designed a new functional system for the kitchen, inspired by the perfection of an intuition that gives the rule, today and forever, to reasoning and the relationship with space: the Cartesian plane. Thus was born the XY System in which every gesture, every kitchen accessory has its own place by moving on the axis of the X and Y tracks.

The particularity of this system is the possibility of being matched and combined with the different models proposed by Dada Kitchens with both a wall and an independent island development. Like the Cartesian coordinates, the XY System is oriented vertically and horizontally thanks to the different extruded aluminum profiles. The central channel that can be equipped, the fundamental axis, is home to containers for knives, cutting boards, spices and condiments holders, but also compartments for electrical sockets, hoods for smoke extraction, dish drainer.

From the equipped channel it is possible to insert elements that develop vertically as uprights that support aluminum shelves with different finishes for the shelves, in wood or stainless steel, which generate different aesthetics sometimes warmer but sometimes more industrial and technical.

This is all just a start. Thanks to its flexibility, the XY System will be able to acquire new aspects and new types of use in the future. Its elements that disassembled become mono-material components in aluminum, glass and wood and already look to the future of a sustainable production oriented to reuse to always reach new combinations that know how to embody the spirit of the times.

The XY System truly designs the Cartesian plane of the future.



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