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Dada kitchens between design and tech

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Dada kitchens, between functionality and eye-catching


(Play of shadow, spaces, design and technology)

Redesigning spaces, lines and functions is essential in every part of an apartment, and this cannot be missing in what is the living fire of the house: the kitchen. The centre of every important moment - intimate and familiar - must be able to live with the same vibrant energy, giving the same harmony as the rest of the house.

So this is where style fully blends with furniture lines, making an ordinary space special and innovative.

This is the trademark of Dada Molteni, a company of excellence in cutting-edge kitchens, thanks to pillars such as the masters Vincent Van Duysen, Ferruccio Laviani, Nicola Galizia, Luca Meda.

The first, Vincent Van Duysen, undisputed master in the fusion of architecture and design, Laviani, a precious designer for Dada Molteni and Nicola Galizia who has been in charge of the art direction of Molteni & C for some time. Without missing Luca Meda, the leading soul of the Molteni group, creator and designer of iconic projects in the world of design.


A space between lights and shadows - Intersection

An excellent project by Van Dusen for 2021 is Intersection, a kitchen in which lights and shadows play on a skilful work of developing colors and premiere materials, the solidity of the worktops meets with almost intangible materials of sections created as on clay. The possibility of mixing colors between laminate and wood allows incredible customization and variety, solid and visual sensations.

But it is also geometry that brings this project to life thanks to the textures of the wood imprinted on the doors that break the static nature of the surfaces, never trivializing it, rather enhancing its compactness.

Intersection boasts of being the 2021 finalist product at the NYCxDesign Awards - Kitchen Cabinetry Category.


The kitchen between technology and design

VVD is the kitchen that expresses, in the linear simplicity of shapes designed with slender sides, the technological integration with the use of LEDs and the use of aluminum to sculpt the shape of the piece of furniture.

In the mind of its creator, Vincent Van Duysen, it is meant to be a kitchen with a hairless face, without a handle. The use of stone emphasizes the strength of the worktop, gracefully interrupting the linearity of the top. The frame together with drawers, trolleys and trays allows a space completely above the top, completing the project with elegance and functionality. To give wide space and reward ease of use, the pivot hinge allows for 180 ° opening.

The eye-catching is lost in observing the entire structure thanks to the Bright wall units in transparent glass.


The warmth of the Mediterranean in the kitchen spaces: Ratio

To enter the temple of the kitchen there is Ratio, a kitchen with a strong character and a decisive impact, with a modular structure that is articulated by metal lattices, tops of different sizes and thicknesses that are interlaced with elements that create slender and subtle lines, empty and full spaces in a design balance that plays with contrary balances.

The materials are focused on evoking warmth and Mediterranean atmospheres, skilfully combining wood with stone. An ideal kitchen for those who love this type of atmosphere.


Hi-Line 6 Frame Door and Hi-Line 6

Hi-Line 6 project with the evocative name of Ferruccio Laviani makes simplicity its greatest strength. Precious finishes together with a titan aluminum and pewter frame. The integrated VVD hood, together with a new shelf system and the Hi-Line6 snack with solid light and black oak, enrich this kitchen in a skilful play of shadows.


All the space before your eyes with Prime

For those who love aesthetics, Prime is the triumph, thanks to its countless variations even the most sophisticated bias will find the right piece in the right place. Superb with its groove opening that follows the kitchen in its entirety, abandoning itself on the rewarding shown flanks, here too, the most total customization.

The doors are real jewels of this project starting from the glass one in bronze and smoky finishes for the Fair wall units and tall units, highlighted by hidden LEDs, both as regards the upper shaped door, which allows an easy opening to 45 °.

Prime's top is in the new dark walnut finish and completed by a titan and pewter aluminum snack bar. For a comfortable seat of great design value, the Woody stools by Francesco Meda complete this composition with a master stroke. Francesco Meda, in fact, designs the entire collection of seats for Molteni & C.


The power of simplicity among INDada doors

There are those who love clean spaces. A few elements are well arranged but know how to enhance the space where they occupy, for this there is no better choice than the INDada kitchen by Nicola Galizia. The elements of this project are gradually reduced, subtracted to the perfect shape, carefully choosing the necessary and outstanding elements.

In the "purity of simplicity" Galizia renovates INDada in a modern and sophisticated key, adding the new and more harmonious finishing pieces by Molteni & C

A true artistic journey merges in the fusion of colors, materials of different shapes and textures, shapes of the furnishings.


A kitchen suspended in the clouds: Banco

In the kitchen initially conceived by Luca Meda, the essential was privileged, in order to favor the activities carried out around the kitchen itself. With the meeting with Dada, the new Banco is enriched with contrasts, drawing the definition of borders and spaces through black and white materials. The worktop with an almost imperceptible thickness stands out on a solid aluminum plate, which sets the boundary of the surrounding volumes and compensates them.

Like a bank of clouds, the structure is suspended, linear like a horizon over the sea and then planted on the ground with the structure of its bases, while the island supports the sub-banks.

Striking and delicate: a striking soul hidden by a cloud and an aluminum structure.


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