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Apertura is a keyword in Cassina's vocabulary, born in 1927 in Meda, in the heart of Brianza, as a workshop mainly dedicated to woodworking and the production of coffee tables, but over the years it has become a brand with an international reputation, known not only for the quality of its products, but also for the continuous experiments and partnerships with architects of the highest prestige.

From a company that has always been used to getting involved and renewing itself, it was reasonable to expect that the philosophy based on quality and authenticity would also be revived in the outdoor environment, with a series of collections designed to make the outdoor spaces of the house unique, considered in the contemporary living as a kind of extension of the living room.

In this context, nature can only serve as a reference and source of inspiration, with architecture aimed at designing spaces that allow you to rediscover the connection with the environment, even involving the senses.


It was even 1964 when Cassina decided to turn around by inaugurating the "The great masters" collection, which also included the LC Collection designed by architect Le Corbusier, a series of products that have remained engraved in the history of design.

Among these stands out the iconic LC3 Fauteuil Grand Confort armchair, grand model, which has been produced by Cassina since 1965. Available in the two or three-seater sofa version, but also as an armchair with one or two armrests, this model has become iconic and, after having revolutionized the habits of the time, it has been able to resist over the years, conquering even the contemporary domestic environment.

Its strength is given in particular by the contrast between the metal structure and the soft cushions, completely independent from them, as if to reflect the perfect union between comfort and functionality.


The relationship between Cassina and Le Corbusier, officially born in the mid-1960s and then destined to be enormously successful internationally, actually has its roots much earlier, almost at the beginning of the century.

The seed that will lead to the birth of the famous LC Collection is in fact sown in the 1920s, when Le Corbusier draws several drafts containing the various positions of the human body on which to base himself in the creation of a session.

Thanks to the meeting with Charlotte Perriand, partner of the architect, and Pierre Jeanneret, the program was translated starting from 1930 into a series of furniture, produced by the Thonet company, which included armchairs, swivel armchairs and stools.

Years later, the Swiss gallery owner Heidi Weber wanted to reproduce some of the models in the series launched by Thonet and known as “Le Corbusier, P. Jeanneret, Ch. Perriand”, choosing Cassina to start production.

Thus, in October 1964, the Meda company, founded less than 40 years ago, acquired the rights to reissue and sell the tilting Chaise longue, Fauteuil à dossier basculant and Fauteuil grand confort, grand et petit modèle models, that are designed in the 20s.

At the turn of the 60s and 70s, Cassina acquired the right to produce and sell these pieces first in Europe and then in America and the rest of the world, even expanding the range of models part of the LC collection, destined to conquer the international audience.



Collaboration with some of the most prestigious names in the design world is one of the aspects that has characterized Cassina's growth and its opening to the international market.

This context also includes the partnership with Patricia Urquiola, who, inspired by the interior sofa designed in 2018, later conceived the Bowy Outdoor collection, consisting of tables that can overlap or intersect, playing with the same rounded shapes that already characterized the sofa.

If the aluminum sheet structure, available in several embossed finishes, unites all the pieces of the collection, the recycled fiberglass top can be chosen in two different colors, in white and gray or white and red.



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