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contemporary design restaurant in Milan

Once entered here, it seems to be part of a play, one of those where the scenery has a predominant role.


Actually, Carlo e Camilla in Segheria is among the most popular addresses in Milan, born from the encounter between superstar chef Carlo Cracco, the art director Tanja Solcia and the manager Nicola Fanti, who in a short time have succeeded in conquering the Milanese restaurant scene and more.


In a former mill in the center of Milan, the environment is quite surreal: the Cappellini Chair Collection around the two long wooden tables, outlines one side dedicated to Carlo, the male component, with Fronzoni '64 Chair by A.G. Fronzoni, and the other side dedicated to Camilla, the female component, with Tate Color Chairs in blue and green version by Jasper Morrison


The design tells the concept of this gastro-bistro, a place where conviviality and sharing meet the history of design, the same that you can find at SAG80 GROUP’s showrooms, which, among others, provides an overview over the world of Cappellini products.


A wonderful location for a dinner in Milan, where dreamlike setting, historic design and the excellence of Made in Italy are combined together excellently.

contemporary design furniture by Fronzoni for Cappellini
contemporary design furniture by Jasper Morrison for Cappellini
contemporary design furniture

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