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The most famous design bookcases

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Making the rooms of home places with a strong personality and a well-defined identity is possible by choosing furnishing elements capable of writing a new story inside the home. For each area, a special space can be recreated, suited to the needs of those who live it every day and able to make a leap in quality to the feeling that one feels at home.


One way to enhance and give character to an environment is certainly the use of famous design bookcases which, with their decisive and never banal lines, expression of a unique style, change the face of the corners in which they are replaced. It is the function of design in the mind of those who designed it, artists always looking for the perfect combination of utility and beauty.


A leading company and two names for two major projects with an unmistakable and inimitable design: Franco Albini creates the Infinito bookcase for Cassina which contains infinite compositional possibilities, while Vico Magistretti designed Nuvola Rossa, an iconic bookcase where the play of shapes is elegant and timeless.

Brightness is also character. Space therefore for the intuitions of light suggested by Artemide: the Tizio is a revolutionary and bold lamp.


Furnish and divide with the Infinito bookcase by Albini for Cassina

If you think of the character in the sign of dynamism and versatility, the Infinito design bookcase designed by Franco Albini for Cassina between 1956 and 1957 is a truly successful example. Among the famous design bookcases capable of resisting the fashions of the moment, the Infinito by Albini is ideal both for furnishing and for separating and delineating the different areas of the house. It is indeed a very flexible bookcase and can be combined infinitely.

It finds the location both on the wall but also in the center of the room to work as a dividing element. The modular and versatile structure is made up of solid wood uprights, adjustable in height up to 3 meters, hinged doors, flap doors and shelves and is made and proposed in natural ash, black stained ash or Canaletto walnut. The Infinito does not need to be anchored to the wall, but stands free, light and yet solid to furnish a living room, home studio or other areas of the house. Thanks to the push-fit uprights, it is a double-faced bookcase, available on both sides, suitable to place books, precious objects that give a touch of originality to the house on the shelves.

The Infinito is rightly included among the most famous design bookcases thanks to the infinite combinations it gives life to.

You just need to have imagination and be inspired by good taste.


The revolution of light on the working desk born with Tizio

“I like it when the light only shines on the piece of paper in front of me.”


With these simple words Richard Sapper, the great German designer, talks about the Tizio, the table lamp created in 1972 for Artemide.

The story of this iconic object begins with a conversation between Sapper and Ernesto Gismondi, founder of Artemide, who wanted a flexible, space-saving table lamp, in line with the needs he had when he worked and that did not force him, as a designer, to stand too close to the reflector. Gismondi also suggested the name: Tizio, an object able to convince and satisfy anyone. And the Tizio has fully succeeded in the task because it is an apparently simple lamp that hides within it a winning combination of technique and design. But not only, the shapes are reminiscent of a contemporary metal sculpture with glass-fiber reinforced nylon coverings.

From a structural point of view, the Tizio is a desk lamp consisting of two pairs of parallel arms that can be adjusted by the user to find the best arrangement of light. The base is the cylinder that contains the transformer on the surface of which the switch is applied through which the lamp is turned on with two different light intensities. Two bands support the metal arms that allow the direction of the light, direct and adjustable, which results in a balance of weights and counterbalances.

Since the debut, the Tizio has rightfully entered among the most iconic design objects, a symbol of quality, beauty and functionality, and from a working lamp it has become popular and also appreciated as a piece of furniture for interiors. Perhaps for a simple but revolutionary reason at the time of the first production: it was a working lamp without annoying electrical cables. No encumbrance but only the direct light emanating from a timeless object.


Luxury in essentiality with the Nuvola Rossa bookcase by Vico Magistretti for Cassina

It was 1977 when Cassina decided to trust and rely on the aesthetic vision of Vico Magistretti: from here was born Nuvola Rossa, the essence of beauty, luxury and simplicity.

Nuvola Rossa is still today one of the most famous and most appreciated design bookcases.

It is a bookcase that has personality and is, as in the mind of the creator, an architectural structure that becomes a piece of furniture dictating the final shape of the object. The realization stems from projects that Magistretti had been carrying out for more than thirty years: a bookcase based on the mechanism of a ladder leaning against the part and which once opened would turn into an Indian tent.

The foldable structure is the pivot of everything because it supports the six shelves that make up the bookcase, gives a central role to the hinges and above all it can also be used as a divider. Nuvola Rossa is a bookcase without sides that are replaced, a priceless architectural intuition of Magistretti, by the bracing diagonals. It is available in natural beech or lacquered in black, white, red or in Canaletto walnut.

It is a livable bookcase, with the right shapes, which gives familiarity to the environment in which it is placed; something essential and indispensable.

Nuvola Rossa is above all the personality of its author who, in a period in which design gave up mass production and veered towards a stylized expression mode, created not an anonymous and replaceable series but elegant, ingenious, simple and direct.

In short, irreplaceable.



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