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Boffi kitchens, design and innovation

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Boffi Kitchens

Boffi, modern kitchens between style and avant-garde


Conviviality and aesthetics at the service of functionality. Modern kitchens increasingly respond to the characteristics of a fluid, frenetic contemporaneity, in which the time of meals takes on a particular value. It is the moment in which we find ourselves and give vent to the imagination, to the art of cooking. Precisely for this reason the way of living in this environment changes and choosing a model in line with the style of your home and your needs becomes a balancing game between space, practicality and aesthetics. Boffi, a design company that was a symbol of Made in Italy founded in 1934, which saw as its artistic direction masters of architecture such as Antonio Citterio, Piero Lissoni and Luigi Massoni, has revolutionized the classic concept of kitchen. The Brianza-based company offers modular configurations and innovative design solutions, in which quality materials meet avant-garde technology and clean and versatile lines, able to dialogue with the rest of the house, creating iconic kitchens, a symbol of contemporary luxury.


Aprile, the functionality of modern design and the beauty of natural materials

Enhancement of solid wood mixed with stainless steel. Aprile is a modern kitchen designed to enhance the use of natural materials. The extractor hoods use innovative installation systems and other accessories such as stainless steel legs for solid wood snack tops to integrate the kitchen, together with top, open or sliding door units and integrated light, in various finishes, or under the counter between the worktop and the snack top. Aprile uses all the accessories and traditional types of containment, following the unified forms. The peculiarities include the 3D effect doors in solid walnut or slatted veneer made with modules of various widths and different thicknesses to create a three-dimensional effect with the handle obtained in the thickness of the door and treated with natural oil products.


On/Off, versatile and avant-garde retractable kitchen

There is and not. The On/Off concealed kitchen, designed by Alberto Colonello for Boffi, is a monobloc kitchen system with modular modules, with dimensional limitations on the single module. One of the main features is the package opening system towards the top of the entire worktop area, with the possibility of completing the composition with adjacent modular columns in the version suspended from the floor or up to the ground, in order to also integrate appliances of more international use, such as large American refrigerators. The opening of the basic modules can be done manually or through the use of electrical mechanisms. An avant-garde kitchen, in short, in which practicality and beauty are expressed indifferently in the two open and closed versions, allowed by a wise use of technology, with metal handles are barely visible and integrate perfectly into the whole.


Duemilaotto, space-saving kitchen that combines aesthetics and technique

The modular system of equipped kitchen columns, created for Boffi by Piero Lissoni and the internal CRS (Research Development Center), is a perfect mix of aesthetics and technique that optimizes spaces to the centimeter. Suitable for the dining area as well as the living room, when closed it looks like a wardrobe, while opened it conceals exclusive accessories: drawers, pull-out shelves, shelves, internal lights with storage modules and built-in oven containers. It provides the possibility of integration with other traditional columns for any commercial appliance and the plinth in alignment with the basic modules of standard kitchens. Not only that, duemilaotto System uses a new sliding opening system of double doors that open one on the other with self-braking mechanisms. You can practically decide to leave part of the internal compartments visible: to display porcelain and crystals, to divide the spaces between pots and books or to play with full and empty spaces. The modules with hinged doors are also available that rotate and retract laterally, sliding coplanar or hinged doors.


Salinas, the refined, functional and sustainable cuisine

Light, flexible, eco-friendly, Salinas is the first Boffi kitchen designed by a woman, Patricia Urquiola. In this project there is all the compositional sensitivity, aesthetic refinement and practicality that represent her style. Able to interpret the theme with numerous aggregative solutions, it is a modular program that introduces many innovations, starting with the use of recyclable hi-tech materials. The model is characterized by a canal that becomes a practical object holder service on the worktop, and the pull-out or sliding table-peninsula in solid wood. A large stone sink is provided for the washing area, while column or wall units with exposed metal structures are available for storage.


Minikitchen, the miniature kitchen that has revolutionized the concept of living

A manifesto of contemporaneity designed by Joe Colombo who, in 1963, exhibited the Minikitchen at the Triennale and at the MoMA in New York. It is a miniaturized kitchen reissued in Corian by Boffi with the same functionality and genius as the original. The idea is compelling: a completely self-sufficient electrically powered monobloc, which in half a cubic meter of wood, stainless steel and plastic materials contains dishes and utensils for six people plus appliances for cooking. The equipment consists of: ceramic hob, mini fridge, storage drawer, various doors for storage, cutlery drawers, power sockets for small appliances, large cutting board and removable service shelf. Beautiful and compact, Minikitchen is truly futuristic equipment that has twisted the concept of living space.


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