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In Boffi's conception, in line with the demands and expectations of contemporary customers, the bathroom is not reduced to a purely functional place, as it has been for a long time.

Even in usually short moments, the bathroom must be able to put you at ease, preparing those who live there to carve out time dedicated to personal care and relaxation.

This is why even the modern bathroom, just like a kitchen or a living room, cannot give up a luxury design and refined materials, necessary to convey a sense of relaxation and comfort that characterizes this environment, in order to give unique character and personality, like other domestic environments.


Among the prestigious collaborations that have allowed Boffi to become an internationally recognized brand is the close one with Victor Vasilev, a Bulgarian designer born in 1974, who made Italy his second home.

After moving to Israel during his adolescence, Vasilev actually studied architecture at the Milan Politecnico and later at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, but decided to settle in the city of Milan, where he opened his studio in 2004.

These steps are the prologue to the partnership with various companies, including Boffi, with whom he has been collaborating since 2012. The CTline columns designed for the Brianza house have received important awards, such as the Chicago Atheneaum of Design 'Good Design Award' in 2012 and the ADI Design Index in the following year.



Designed by Vasilev and produced in 2013, the A45 series of countertop washbasins brings essentiality and at the same time a unique style to the bathroom, with the possibility of opting for the wall-hung version.

Without the overflow and characterized by the inclination of the internal walls of the basin, the A45 washbasins are suitable for transforming any type of environment, more or less spacious, thanks to an attentive profile given by the rectangular shape and a maintained depth.

For those who want to give an additional touch of exclusivity, given by the immense quality of the stone, the sinks are also available in the A45 Stone version, in white Carrara marble, and in white Cristalplant®, a technological material made in Italy which, in addition to to recall the stone with its matte and material finish, it is hygienic, resistant to scratches and recyclable.

If the spaces are particularly limited, then, A45 compact further reduces the width of the washbasin, which can always be completed with a top accessory that entirely covers a part of the basin in length, allowing you to install various accessories.


Among Vasilev's most popular creations for Boffi is CTline, a modular system of container modules that develops vertically, just like those buildings in international cities that served as inspiration for the Bulgarian designer.

In CTline the volumes of the buildings are ideally broken down into individual modules characterized by staggered floors and available in two heights, 1680 or 1260 millimeters, as well as in various depths and widths.

The aim is to give the user maximum flexibility, also stimulating their creativity to create various compositions, capable of hosting objects that enrich an original urban setting.

The front that characterizes the various modules is positioned at an angle to the wall that houses them, creating an intriguing visual effect that partially hides the shelves and the objects placed on them, revealing them instead if you look at them from the open side.


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