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B.lux Lighting: Brightening innovation

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The B.lux lamps bring the 1979 design into our homes. Look at the pictures of the different models to enlighten your day!



B.lux lamps are a top-level design production that was born in 1979 in the Netherlands.


Throughout its history, the B.lux lighting brand has had the opportunity to work with the most important international designers, creating real masterpieces of illuminations.

To name a few, we find big names such as: Zaha Hadid, Dominique Perrault, Gianfranco Frattini and Jorge Pensi.


The collaboration with some of the best external designers has always been a milestone in the trajectory of growth of the brand. This strategy, which is very common today, was not so common in the early 80s, when B.lux had their first collaborative experience with Guillermo Capdevila, who designed the successful Belux system, which gave rise to the first commercial name of company.


Since then the production of B.lux lamps has focused on channeling the creative wealth of established professionals and of talented emerging designers with the aim of offering a consistent, innovative and up-to-date product range.

The creativity of the B.lux lighting series leads to the creation of innovative lighting systems both for interiors and exteriors: suspended, wall, table, floor, LED lights and outdoor systems ... every possibility is contemplated within the vast B.lux catalog.


Some of the products highlighted in the history of the brand as milestones when it comes to production are those part of the Aspen B.lux collection.


The Aspen line includes five different models:

• Aspen S40

• Aspen F

• Aspen C17

• Aspen S17

• Aspen C40


The variations are due to the size of the lampshade and the positioning of the lamp - suspension for Aspen S40 and Aspen S17, floor for Aspen F and wall for Aspen C17 and Aspen C40.


A main characteristic of all the Aspen B.lux  lamps is a cylindrical lampshade with a rounded shape, with opaque lacquered finishes - available in different shades and combinations: gray, snow, lemon, mango, light turquoise and water. This lampshade allows you to create a direct and diffused light that warms the room and gives a pleasant sense of intimacy.


Some of the latest models presented are those belonging to the collection A_Forest, which includes two models:

• A_Forest S, suspension model available in both a vertical and horizontal version.

• A_Forest W, a wall model.


The A_Forest lamp has a particular and very original structure: it is in fact composed of adjustable illuminated bodies that recall organic shapes, like the long leaves of a tree (hence the name of the product).

The structure is made of PUR and is available in several opaque finishes: white, salmon and turquoise.


The A_Forest solutions are ideal for modern and avant-garde spaces that seek original illumination for their interior design!



wall lamp A_Forest , green_blue
A_forest_floor lamp_aspen_f40_b.lux

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