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Arclinea kitchens, beauty and innovation

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Arclinea Kitchens

Arclinea kitchens, an Italian history symbol of culture and style 


Welcoming, functional and aesthetically beautiful, to be looked at and experienced. The kitchen is the center of the home, a place to share moments with the family but also a refuge where you can engage in anti-stress activities such as preparing comfort food, experimenting with new recipes, through a cultural enhancement of food. Arclinea with its collections, since 1925, combines all these dimensions, bringing typical design elements of restaurant kitchens to the home environment. A story, that of this excellence of Made in Italy born in Caldogno which also tells the cultural change that has taken place in the country around the act of cooking and the concept of food, which has resulted in a series of audacious and unprecedented stylistic choices, in new architectures to live in. Starting from its name, Arclinea, as the prefix Arc, is the acronym of Arredamenti Razionali Componibili, and also recalls the idea of the kitchen as an architectural project of the domestic space. In fact, already in 1963, in full economic boom, with the 'Claudia' line the revolution began: it is the first kitchen with built-in appliances, designed and produced ad hoc. From 1986, then, with the collaboration with the arrival of the architect Antonio Citterio, who will gradually become the reference designer, a new phase of renewal and aesthetic and spatial quality opens. This is how domestic kitchens are born that take their hint from those in restaurants, increasing performance and bringing aesthetics to the highest levels.


Thea, the kitchen symbol of practicality and aesthetic minimalism 

A door separation outline becomes a functional solution for opening the containers: this is the distinctive element of Thea, a model that borrows its name from the first kitchen designed by Arclinea, in 1958. In its re-edition, the architect Antonio Citterio combines the extreme practicality and aesthetic minimalism typical of handleless kitchens, separating the kitchen into two distinct and complementary areas: the first mainly operational, the second more convivial, designed for the living environment. Thea comes in two versions, Wet and Show kitchen, functional service kitchens, a perfectly equipped workplace, but at the same time also a livable and usable, bright and warm space.


Italia, the first professional kitchen designed for the home environment 

Italia was launched in 1988 and is a professional kitchen for the home, perfect for home chefs who want to bring restaurant performance into the home. It is the first line created by the architect Antonio Citterio for Arclinea and marks an innovative turning point in the modern conception of the cooking space with the unprecedented aesthetic solution of steel: unalterable and resistant to water and fire, technically worked with the precision necessary for the best performance. All layouts follow the same principle: generous worktops alongside broad columns with efficient and well-designed internal accessories, expanded hobs, two separate washing areas, one for dishes and the other for food preparation.


Convivium, the convivial kitchen with the table in the center

Convivium is an open space that focuses on the table and the moments spent around it sharing gossip and scenes of life. A kitchen intended as a free and perfectly organized space, where being together becomes something to be shared again every day, a place where a whole series of concrete actions, from preparation to conservation, are transformed into rituals and emotions. Convivium furnishes the walls of a room that becomes warm, welcoming and functional, with an island-table placed in the center and shelves that run along the entire perimeter of the room. The hanger of the kitchens of yesteryear becomes a double functional steel shelf and integrates the hood, the light, the sockets and even a domestic greenhouse.

It is here that the aromas in the kitchen tell familiar stories or distant places, old recipes are handed down and new ones are experimented and, above all, eating all together around the large table, finding each own rhythm.


Lignum et Lapis, wood and stone for a kitchen with a sculpture-island

Cooking and at the same time sharing the experience with guests. This is the concept that characterizes Lignum et Lapis, a project that sees wood and stone as protagonists of the kitchen, placing the sculpture-island in stone or steel at the center of the space conceived as a separate, operational and convivial living unit at the same time. On one hand, guests can watch the preparations, on the other hand, the chef shares the techniques and taste of good food with the guests. The new door enhances the value of natural wood with its exclusive slanted design in variable widths and distances. It is available in various finishes: larch, mahogany, Nordic oak and in all kinds of lacquered colors of the Collection.

A creative and exclusive design resulting from a great formal study and technological research.


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