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Moroso Armchair: Unique among its kind

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We have selected the 3 best Moroso armchairs based on their high quality and refinement: Moroso Fjord, Big Easy and the Moroso Bohemian all of their peculiarities!



Moroso is a design brand that designs and manufactures a wide range of furniture since 1952. Within its designs the Moroso Armchair collection has always been particularly successful for its original and impeccable design.


The Moroso Armchair catalogue contains collaborations with some of the most important designers on the international scene, such as Patricia Urquiola and Ron Arad.


A common denominator of all of the Moroso armchairs is the constant search for the highest quality, in order to offer its customers a product that is not only aesthetically perfect but also technologically advanced, in line with the increasingly demanding requirements of the market.


Each Moroso armchair manages to combine the profound know-how of craftsmanship and tailoring with industrial production processes, basing the essence of each armchair in a delicate meeting between:

design, for its lines

art, for the eccentricity

fashion, for its sophisticated fabrics and colors that follow the latest trends.


After this brief introduction to the Moroso Armchair collection, we move on to reviewing some of their most attractive products based on their eccentricity and comfort.


One of the most wanted models of the collection is the Moroso Fjord armchair: from a shell fragment smoothed by waves, Patricia Urquiola creates a collection of seats designed for the home and for public spaces.


The Scandinavian influence, hinted in its name, is clearly visible in the elongated cut on the back, evoking the sharp bays of the northern coasts.


The Moroso Fjord family consists of two other elements that seem to recall the natural cycle of an organic element. The armchair with the high backrest, as if it were smoothed by the water, turns into a small armchair and then a stool / pouf.


Along with this incredible armchair there is another creation, also designed by Patricia Urquiola, the Moroso Bohemian armchair.

With this model, the designer uses capitonné fabric, interpreting this classic padding in a completely original way.


The Bohemian collection has been designed as if they had a liquid form, as if it were going to melt on their own structure creating soft, enveloping, casual-looking lines,  where the fabric (or leather) are fixed to the body with automatic buttons.


Every element of the Moroso Bohemian collection - armchair, small armchair and chaise longue - seems to wear a soft shawl on its back, which adapts to its structure.


And to mention other designers, we move to the Soft Big Easy armchair, designed in 1991 by Ron Arad.

The Big Easy collection, with its abundant and sculptural shapes, originates from a steel armchair made in 1988, and demonstrates how a volume, even in a simple form, can be translated, without jeopardizing its design principles, through a reinterpretation of the materials and the production processes.


The Soft Big Easy armchair immediately gives a sensation of visual softness, while the fullness of the volumes and its composition give an instant image of comfort.

This armchair is a clear example of the mix of aesthetic and technological research: Big Easy explores rotational molding and the use of polyethylene in a completely innovative way.





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