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Sag80 has been offering interior design services to private clients and professionals for more than 50 years. You can find the whole Moroso collection at Sag80: discover it with the consulting of our interior designers!

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Moroso Furniture: high-quality artisanal products


Moroso Furniture has been redefining the image of high-quality furnishing products since 1952.


Their products unite artisanal skills with industrial processes and offer a vast selection of personalizable pieces of furniture to suit each client’s needs. The collections of Moroso sofas and Moroso armchairs, created by the world’s leading designers, are unique pieces that can almost be called works of art.


The Moroso Furniture pieces have become part of the history of design, such as the Chaise Longue Shadowy from the M’Afrique collection, and the Paper Planes armchair by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien.


Come and discover all the most comfortable sofas and armchairs on our Sag80 Group website.


Moroso armchairs: the result of research, talent and territory

The Moroso furniture company has been producing high-end sofas designed by international masters of the industry since 1952. The Moroso sofas and armchairs perfectly embody the Italian savoir-faire achieved through centuries of artisanal practice. This has permitted Moroso Milano to reach the expertise and technological prowess that is now envied by the entire world.


A distinctive trait of Italian design is the capacity to incorporate the culture of its territory, becoming a spokesperson for the essence of the land in which it was born. This has allowed Moroso Furniture to become known for the uniquely Italian details it gives to each of its products. The Moroso Armchairs very nearly escape the design industry and step into the art world: they mix shapes and colours creating beautiful and original solutions for your home. These works of art can suit both classic and modern environments.


Over 70 artisans work to produce the Moroso armchairs, only using high-quality materials. The quality of Moroso Furniture is also highlighted by the cultural value the artisans give to each product, to ensure that every object fits the designer’s original project. By doing so they make sure that the artist’s sentiment and intellectual labor is communicated in each piece of furniture.


Moroso sofas: a new chapter for sofa design

Moroso sofas are a combination of traditional features and innovative design. Just by looking at them one can tell they are spectacular and original products.


An example of this is the Glider sofa designed by Ron Arad in 2015. Glider is capable of combining playful and sensual elements through its vaguely anthropomorphic shapes, that make it a unique piece of design. The chromatic patterns contribute to the warmth and comfort of the sofa, as they recall the softness of its prime material: cold pressed polyurethane foam. Furthermore, thanks to its internal structure the sofa can be transformed into a swing. This offers a playful surprise that makes the experience of this sofa even more sensorial and captivating.


Another must of the Moroso sofa collection is the Lowland model, designed in 2000 by Patricia Urquiola. The Lowland series also includes a bed and a pouffe. The compositional solutions of this product are virtually infinite. Patricia Urquiola’s genius anticipated the modern trend of the modular sofa. The armrest, back support, cushion and seating elements are available in various dimensions that allow the sofa to be adjusted to many different spaces and tastes. The sofa is made of polyurethane foam with an internal wooden structure, while the upholstery is removable thanks to the detachable armrests and back supports.


This product is also part of the luxury collection ‘Setting the Elegance’. The collection, created as a metaproject, is a source of inspiration for many architects and designers. Utmost elegance is the fundamental feature of this project, characterised by classical and modern references.

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We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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Contact us for a quote

We are always ready to meet every request. We are here to make your dream come true. Contact us for a quote, we will guide you through each phase of the project.

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Moroso Showroom Milano

modern design by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso
modern style by Ron Arad for Moroso
modern line by Tokujin Yoshioka for Moroso

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