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Gervasoni design wooden and gray living area

Care of detail and natural materials are at the heart of this company that since 1882 is the protagonist in the interior and exterior design of the world. With a headquarter in Udine Gervasoni spreads the design and quality of Italian craftsmanship in more than seventy countries around the world, including in its product the suggestions of distant and near places.



Accustomed to experimental and always looking for new materials and for the furniture, Gervasoni has always collaborated with major Italian and international companies including Paola Navona, now artistic director of the brand, and Marco Piva, Michael Sodeau and Jasper Startup . Collaborations that led Gervasoni to the production of unique design pieces such as the inout collection. An all-time product range designed for indoor and outdoor use where shapes, materials and colors are wisely moved to bring relaxation and elegance to any environment.


Another piece destined to stay in history is Otto; Wooden and bamboo seats that reflect the simplicity of the designer who created it: Paola Navone. 


In 2009, Gervasoni expanded its design collection by acquiring IFA, a company specializing in wooden chairs, definitively opening doors to the bond. 


A brand with decades of experience that thanks to its passion for design and craftsmanship in its work to actualize its aesthetic awards and production techniques, never to forsake the passion for beauty and artwork.



Gervasoni design white sofas
Gervasoni design wooden and gray living area
Gervasoni design chair wooden
Gervasoni design wooden and gray living area

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