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Interior Design of Custom Offices

Tailoring projects according to needs is the mission that we at
have been carrying out for more than 50 years now.

Thanks to a team made up of the best professionals, the studio is able to accurately interpret the client’s needs and desires, combining the quality of Made in Italy furniture and design with a planning that allows curated spaces to transform and acquire value, always maintaining an openness to possible future evolutions.

Our projects cover a variety of areas, among which the work area stands out: it is now well known how the design of an office can influence the well-being of those who live and work in it every day, which is why it is of crucial importance to be able to create projects that are as functional as they are aesthetically appreciable, making the most of the latest technologies that are discreetly integrated.

Before you continue reading, I will anticipate the main topics of this guide on office interiors so you can easily focus on the content of your interest. Here is the content map below :

Contract for Offices, Sag80 the contact person at your support

Designing a workspace is a challenge that requires experience, know-how, and foresight, the latter of which is essential to ask yourself and understand what kind of environment might be most functional and stimulating for your resources.

Our contract division brings all these skills together in a single service that allows us to define a true tailor-made project, that is, one that is perfectly tailored to the client’s needs and vision for the office.

To do this, we have been collaborating for years now with the most prestigious builders and design studios, also providing expert interior designers capable of guiding the client through every single step of the office building process. In fact, they are professionals who are always up-to-date with the latest industry news, and thus able to guide the public through the complex universe of Made in Italy, which combines tradition, quality craftsmanship and innovation.

Our contract service thus proves to be an invaluable guide in choosing the best solutions based on the type of environment envisioned, offering the assurance that the available space will be used in the most efficient way possible.

Sag80’s Philosophy in Luxury Interior Design for Modern, State-of-the-art Offices.

Hereby, we wish to guide you through our sophisticated creation journey, outlining the key steps our team of interior and luxury architects follow to transform your visions into sublime reality. 

This method is the result of years of experience and passion; it is our signature in the world of luxury design and aims to create spaces that are a tribute to elegance and functionality, but above all to customer happiness. Below is our method : 

  • Initial Consultation: In this crucial first meeting, we dive into your ideas, stylistic desires, exploring functional needs and outlining the budget, to build a solid foundation for the project.
  • Survey and Survey: Every detail of the space is analyzed with manic precision; we perform precise measurements and accurately assess the existing environment, defining the potential and challenges of the space.
  • Concept Design: At this stage, our creative genius is fused with innovative solutions. We create a concept design that is a symphony between the essence of Italian design and your expectations, creating a perfect balance between aesthetics and function.
  • Project Presentation: We present you with detailed floor plans, realistic renderings and material samples, giving you a complete and tangible view of the final project, thus enabling a concrete perception of the final result.
  • Approval and Review: We discuss every minute detail, refining and shaping the design based on your feedback to ensure that every element reflects your aspirations and meets your needs.
  • Implementation: We carefully supervise each stage of implementation, coordinating with selected craftsmen and suppliers to ensure that each component is implemented with the utmost care and precision, guaranteeing a flawless and excellent result.

We believe that each project is a unique and personal journey, a living work of art that reflects the client’s personality and desires. Sag80 is your privileged partner in this journey, ensuring that each space is a masterpiece of luxury, elegance and comfort, designed to bring joy and satisfaction to your daily life.

The 20 Most Popular Office Design Ideas

Over time, we have designed dozens and dozens of solutions based on our clients’ requests; in this ranking we want to suggest the most on-trend solutions at the moment and inspire you to find the best solution for your space, here are the 20 most in vogue creative and functional office ideas : 

  1. Minimalist Executive Office: A clean design with custom-made furniture in fine materials such as marble and walnut wood.   
  2. Creative Open Space: Large, multifunctional areas with modular furniture and movable walls for maximum flexibility.
  3. Contemporary Corner Office: Modern design with technological touch, including smart lighting systems and ergonomic furniture.
  4. High-Tech Meeting Room: Interactive tables and ergonomic designer chairs, perfect for presentations and conferences.
  5. Home-Luxe Office: Combining home comfort and professional functionality with signature design touches.
  6. Traditional Executive Office: Classic and elegant with solid desks, wooden bookcases and leather seating.
  7. Private Office Cabin: Acoustic solutions for privacy and concentration with refined design and quality materials.
  8. Luxury Corporate Lounge: Relaxation spaces with comfortable sofas, artwork and fine finishes for a stylish break.
  9. Design Co-Working Office: Shared environments with customizable workstations and dynamic, modern furniture.
  10. Innovative Break Area: Coffee break spaces with smart furnishings and fresh, inspiring design.
  11. Zen Office Corner: Quiet spaces with natural elements for meditation and rejuvenating breaks.
  12. Vertical Office: Taking advantage of height with wall shelves and hanging furniture for a sense of spaciousness.
  13. Office Showcase: All-glass walls for an environment full of natural light and transparent design.
  14. Multifunctional Workspace: Convertible furniture solutions to suit workshops, meetings and daily activities.
  15. Artistic Office: Art gallery-inspired spaces with unique design pieces and luxury finishes.
  16. Eco-Sustainable Office: Design that emphasizes sustainability with recycled materials and energy-saving systems.
  17. Deluxe Personal Studio: A small, customized workspace with designer furnishings and state-of-the-art technology.
  18. Historical Theme Office: Settings that recall bygone eras with period furnishings and historical details.
  19. Elegant Conference Room: An exquisite design with luxurious seating and state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment. 
  20. Panoramic Office: Spaces with large windows that offer breathtaking views and a design that enhances the outdoor environment.

Office Furniture Trends and Styles.

In the dynamic world of office furniture, current trends blend aesthetics and functionality to create inspiring and comfortable workspaces. Modern design, with its clean, minimalist lines, continues to dominate, offering a sophisticated look that promotes concentration and productivity.

Another growing trend is the industrial style, characterized by the use of raw materials such as metal and unprocessed wood, which is perfect for those seeking an urban, contemporary environment. 

For lovers of the classic, the traditional style remains a timeless choice, with solid wood furniture and handcrafted details evoking a sense of elegance and permanence. Shabby chic design, with its vintage and romantic appeal, offers a more playful and personal alternative, ideal for spaces that seek to break away from the standardized look of traditional offices. 

Innovative and increasingly popular is the sustainable approach, which focuses on the use of eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices, reflecting a growing commitment to environmental responsibility in office design. 

Finally, the rise of telecommuting has introduced new styles in home office furniture, where convenience and customization are key. Here, interior design blends with home life, creating spaces that are both functional for work and cozy for daily life.

In conclusion, current trends in office furniture offer a wide range of choices, allowing companies and professionals to express their brand identity and create work environments that stimulate creativity and well-being.

Functional and Design Office Furniture

In office furniture, the balance between functionality and design is critical. A work environment must be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and comfortable for users. The modern trend favors furniture with innovative designs that optimize space and increase productivity without sacrificing style. 

Functional Office Furniture , such as height-adjustable ergonomic desks and chairs that support proper posture, is essential for the well-being of employees. These pieces are designed with usability and comfort in mind, incorporating high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. In parallel, the aesthetic aspect of the furniture is not neglected.

Innovative designers are creating pieces that not only meet ergonomic requirements but are also visually appealing, with clean lines, vibrant colors, and trendy finishes.

Storage solutions, another crucial aspect of office furniture, have been reinvented to offer both functionality and style. Modular storage units, creative bookcases, and fitted wall solutions not only organize space efficiently, but also add a unique design touch to the workspace.

In addition, the integration of technology into office furniture has become a priority. Furniture with integrated wireless charging systems, USB connections and intelligent cable management enhance the work experience while keeping the work area uncluttered and functional.

In summary, today’s office furniture is evolving to meet the needs of a modern work environment, perfectly combining functionality and design. This approach not only improves efficiency, but also creates inspiring and motivating workspaces.

Lighting, Wall Color, and Accessories

Lighting, wall color, and accessories play a crucial role in office decor, influencing not only aesthetics but also employee productivity and well-being. A judicious choice of these elements can radically transform a workspace.

Lighting for Interior Office Design

Adequate lighting is essential to create a comfortable working environment. The use of LED lights, which provide even illumination and reduce eye fatigue, is a popular choice.

Lighting solutions can be customized: table lamps with modern designs, soft lights to create a relaxing atmosphere, or smart lighting systems that adapt to different times of day, thus increasing energy efficiency and comfort.

Choosing Colors for Interior Office Design

Wall color has a significant impact on mood and concentration. Neutral shades such as gray, beige and white are classic choices that promote concentration, while bright color accents can stimulate creativity and energy. The choice of colors should reflect brand identity and help create a work environment that encourages positivity and productivity.

The Must Have Accessories for Interior Office Design

Accessories are the finishing touches that personalize the space. Artwork, indoor plants, carpets and cushions not only add an aesthetic element but can also improve the acoustics and comfort of the office. Functional accessories such as desk organizers, divider panels and cable management systems help maintain order and efficiency.

Careful selection of lighting, wall color and accessories can transform an ordinary office into a stimulating and productive workspace, combining aesthetics and functionality in a balanced and refined way.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations on Office Furniture

When designing office furniture, it is crucial to consider legal and regulatory aspects. These often underestimated requirements are essential to ensure safety, accessibility and compliance in the work environment. 

Occupational safety regulations are a key element: furniture must meet strict standards to prevent injuries and ensure the safety of employees. This includes using nonflammable materials, complying with accident prevention regulations, and designing spaces that allow for easy evacuation in case of an emergency.

Accessibility is another important legal aspect. Office spaces must be designed to be accessible to people with different abilities, in accordance with accessibility laws. This includes wide corridors, appropriate furniture for people with reduced mobility, and clear signaling systems for the blind and deaf.

Environmental regulations also have a significant impact on office furniture. The use of sustainable materials, reduction of carbon footprint and compliance with recycling regulations are increasingly important aspects, both for corporate image and corporate social responsibility.

In addition, compliance with local and national furniture regulations is a must. Companies must ensure that their furniture complies with the specific laws of the country in which they operate, thus avoiding penalties and legal problems.

In conclusion, legal and regulatory considerations are key aspects in office furniture that go beyond aesthetics and functionality to ensuring a safe, accessible, and compliant working environment.

Solutions for Specific Spaces

In office furniture, customization for specific spaces has become a key component. Each office presents unique needs depending on its size, function, and style. Whether small home offices or large commercial spaces, furniture should be chosen carefully to maximize functionality and aesthetics.

For small offices, space efficiency is key. Ingenious solutions such as pop-up desks, modular shelving, and multifunctional furniture are ideal for optimizing limited space. These pieces allow for maximum flexibility, ensuring that every square inch is used effectively.

Home offices require a different approach, where the furniture must blend harmoniously with the rest of the home. Here, it is important to choose furniture that reflects personal style while maintaining a high level of practicality and comfort for a productive work environment.

For open spaces, the challenge is to create a collaborative work environment while maintaining well-defined individual work areas. Solutions such as partition panels, modular workstations and lounge areas for informal meetings can transform a large space into a dynamic and versatile office.

Finally, meeting rooms require an approach focused on functionality and corporate image. Elegant conference tables, comfortable chairs and state-of-the-art presentation systems are essential to creating an environment that fosters communication and collaboration.

In summary, offering customized furniture solutions for specific spaces is key to meeting the diverse needs of modern offices, combining style, functionality, and innovation to create optimal work environments.

Interior Design Offices : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Office Design Ideas

Creating a designer office requires a vision that combines elegance and practicality. We suggest the use of sophisticated and contemporary furniture, and the incorporation of artistic elements, such as sculptures or paintings, to elevate the environment. The choice of materials, such as fine wood and stainless steel, is essential to set a tone of luxury and modernity. Sag80 is an expert in creating workspaces that embody the beauty and elegance of Italian design.

Milan office furniture ideas

In Milan, office furniture ranges between innovation and tradition. We propose the use of neutral and warm tones, enhanced by details in vibrant colors, and the use of sustainable, high-quality materials. Light, both natural and artificial, should be harnessed to create a serene and elegant environment. Sag80 Milan will guide you in choosing unique and refined furnishings that reflect the style and sophistication of the city.

Modern Office Ideas

For a modern office, we recommend clean lines, subdued colors and polished metal details. The integration of advanced technologies and smart storage solutions are essential to maintaining an orderly and functional environment. Sag80 offers you advice and tailored solutions to create an office that embodies contemporary aesthetics and meets the needs of modern work.

Small Office Ideas

In small spaces, it is crucial to take advantage of every available inch. Opting for custom-made furniture, space-saving solutions and light colors that visually expand the space are winning choices. Sag80 offers innovative solutions and refined design to transform even the smallest spaces into elegant and welcoming work environments.

Home Office Ideas

The home office requires a quiet and well-organized environment. We recommend the use of elegant space dividers, a soothing color palette, and ergonomic furniture. Sag80 will help you create a work corner that promotes concentration and well-being while maintaining a high aesthetic standard.

Open space furniture ideas

To furnish an open space, we suggest playing with textures and colors to define different areas, and using modular and multifunctional furniture. The use of plants and natural elements can enrich the environment and improve well-being. Sag80 is at your disposal to design open spaces that are harmonious, functional and elegant.

Office Fittings : Discover your needs with our team of Interior Designers

In recent years, office design has gradually become more complex, linked to the transformation of the very nature of this environment, which is seen less and less as a space dedicated exclusively to work.

While it remains of great importance to be able to count on comfortable and accessorized workstations, capable of encouraging operativeness and moments of concentration, equally crucial has become the creation of gathering spaces dedicated instead to moments of conviviality and sociability, useful for maintaining a balance between work and leisure that is crucial for stimulating workers’ productivity.

For all these reasons, the guidance of experienced professionals turns out to be crucial and strategic in understanding what options are best to concretize the starting idea by taking advantage of the present spaces.

Custom Solutions for Specific Spaces in Office Furniture

Request an appointment at our showroom at 4 Boccaccio Street, you can experience the quality of contract service by dealing directly with an interior designer who will try to best interpret your needs.

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