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The best of Flexform Furniture

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The Flexform furniture is a story featuring prominent catalog products and corporate values such as Made in Italy, Timeless Elegance, Comfort, Quality, Design Consistency, Contemporaneity, Beauty and Lifestyle.


Flexform is among the companies that in the 1960s have contributed to the unprecedented phenomenon leading Made in Italy to be an international signature, the synonymous of quality and beauty.


Flexform is a family business, but the company already demonstrates, in the early years of its activity, the ability to express contemporary and anticipate industry trends: it is a little step from a brand-name craft workshops chosen to furnish the foyer of the Milan Scala Theatre.


The foresight of the family is highlighted in the intuition of engaging the most important designers of the time, names that will make history such as Cini Boeri, Joe Colombo and Asnago-Vender.


Nowadays, the distinctive design feature of Flexform furniture remains an Italian identity with an international approach of the projects and its communication, all with the addition of a sustainable principles that has always been a wise choice.


The brand style is verged and applied to a wide collection of furnishings, with an important focus on Flexform sofas and elegant furniture design, synonymous of elegance and good taste.


Timeless products that are able to go beyond the fleeting trends, among these outstanding Tube Chair by Joe Colombo, A.B.C. sofas By Antonio Citterio and Edmond's sofa by Carlo Colombo. 


The design of Flexform furniture is a guarantee of quality, made of essential shapes and soft materials, becoming years of the ambassador of a sophisticated and moderate style.


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