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Outlet: Proposals from Sag'80

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Minotti furniture sofas outlet offers sale sag80 Milan

MINOTTI - Alexander Drop Chaise Longue Ray Mix - SOLD

Inspired by rationalist and contemporary concepts, Alexander is a seating system with different morphologies that can be combined with each other. In the same composition, squared and curved elements can be used to create collected and enveloping corners.

Dimensions: 187 X 167 CM
Cushions from 50X50 CM
227 X 105 CM
TOTAL SIZE 414 xD.167/105xH.83 CM

Discounted price: 9,369 euro


MINOTTI - Bender Coffee Table

With a declared homage to the world of contemporary sculpture, the Bender coffee table takes up, on a smaller scale, the theme of the metal sheet crossed by the motion of a wave that bends and stretches.

Dimensions: DIAMETER 120 X H. 28 CM
Different shapes and sizes available

Discounted price: 2,318 euro

MINOTTI - Jacques High Swivel Armchair

A refined aesthetic language that is expressed in soft shapes, contained proportions and details with a strong visual impact such as the base in metal with a light bronze finish. Sophisticated stitching underline the curvilinear silhouette of the Jacques armchairs.

Dimensions: 78 X 86 X H.78 / 53/ 42 CM
Leather upholstery

Discounted price: 2,633 euro 


MINOTTI - Song Corner Table 

The base of the Song coffee tables, entirely made of solid brushed ash and painted in black, has clear references to the cabinet-making tradition; while the finishes proposed for the tops show the desire to experiment with unconventional material choices and refined chromatic solutions, each of which can be traced back to different stylistic interpretations.

Dimensions: 80 X 134 X H.36 CM
Legs in solid black open-pore brushed ash, top in granite or sand glass

Discounted price: 2,299 euro


MINOTTI - Cesar Coffee Table

A sculpture object that has become an icon over time. Eclectic and multifunctional, it covers the role of pouf and coffee table, a sign of decoration with a contemporary taste.

Dimensions: DIAMETER 36XH.45 CM
Glossy oxide lacquered

Discounted price: 372 euro

MINOTTI - Noor Coffee Table 

The plastic shape of the Noor coffee table finds its consecration in the choice of a sculptural material such as ceramic, produced with an ancient and hand-made processing technique, which gives each object a unique character.

Dimensions: 40,5 X 36X H.45 CM
Ceramic with polished bronze finish 

Discounted price: 1,269 euro



It is possible to integrate additional elements to the products and, in some cases, to make changes to adapt them better to your needs. To discover all furniture and other incredible Made in Italy offers, visit us in our Milan showroom in Via Boccaccio, 4.    

The offers on the outlet products are subject to in-store availability, therefore precedence is given to those who reserve first.

*The gallery images are for promotional purposes only, the products on sale may have different finishes and colors.




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