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On Tuesday 17 May, our showroom in Via Boccaccio 11, a space conceived as a real apartment dedicated to the collections of Arclinea and Maxalto, hosted an Out of Dine event, a cultural project that develops each time around a place that it creates the starting point for a complete, articulated and rich experience, in which all guests are an active part.



The convivial event was the first in a series that Out of Dine and SAG'80 will develop together. About forty guests selected by invitation attended the evening, during which a workshop dedicated to "Space and its imaginary" was organized, led by Dr. Mariavittoria Giusti, psychologist and psychotherapist: an interesting reflection on domestic spaces , which directly led guests to interact and share their experiences, fully experiencing the spaces of our home.

In the first part of the evening, the Doctor focused attention on the living places, taking a cue from the mythological figure of the Genius Loci. The evening then continued with a second phase of work where the participants were asked to carry out a narrative exercise divided into groups within the different rooms of the showroom. A moment that allowed participants to experience intimacy and trust, interacting with each other and reflecting precisely on the multiple dynamics that are created within a home.

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