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SAG'80, the historic Milanese furniture brand, inaugurates the Venicem flagship store in the heart of Milan, a leading company in the production of luxury lamps and furnishing accessories.

In the dynamic Milan Design District, a new reference in the international design scene opens its doors: Venicem. Conceived as an exhibiting space where forms and materials blend, it is designed as a meeting place for architects, interior designers and clients from all over the world and where the collections, together with the company's iconic products, are placed in an essential atmosphere which enhances the material surfaces, the expressive reflections and the stage presence.

The SAG'80 Group, with its showrooms and flagship stores in the most important and strategic areas of Milan and the various selection of Italian and international brands that respond to the most diverse styles and demands of the market, today enriches the offer for its customers with one of the most exclusive brands in the field of lighting and furniture, an expression of the highest artisan tradition of Made in Italy.

“The collaboration with Venicem is a source of great honor and increases the portfolio of our brands, all expressions of the art of Italian design” – comments Roberto Pellegatta – founder and CEO of the SAG'80 Group - “It is been over 50 years that we are committed to offering our clients - Italian and international - interior projects, lighting and furnishing products to make homes and offices unique and special. Venicem represents a new step in growth for the SAG'80 group."


Following constant stylistic research, Venicem was born in 2013, founded by Melissa Lunardi and Massimo Tonetto.
A unique design vision that develops through a profound dialogue between essential forms and matter. The Venicem headquarters is located in a place where natural elements combine with a noble tradition of high quality craftsmanship. Influenced by its proximity to Venice, the company translates the richness of the surrounding area into experimentation with materials, craftsmanship and design, to create lighting and furnishing projects. Balance is essential in the transformation of material into final products. Each material has peculiarities that must be understood, supported and challenged. In the careful hands of experts, lamps and furnishings acquire characters and irregularities, with respect to which it is necessary to investigate the processes that give shape to the material. Beauty is hidden in change. The virtues of the raw materials, the experimentation with shapes and volumes and the transformation of surfaces reveal a timeless design. The peculiarities of the materials are highlighted by manual processing and translate into the stylistic essentiality of the Venicem collections.


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