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Artemide's philosophy meets Sag'80

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Artemide Callimaco

Light at the service of human and the needs: the philosophy of Artemide meets Sag’80

Humanity and light, a lasting and eternal relationship. The search for light is an indispensable movement in human history. Light with multiple meanings and values ​​that plays an important role inside homes. Much more than a simple detail, it must serve the human's needs. This is the philosophy that has 'illuminated' the path of Artemide, an all-Italian brand leader in the lighting sector, with more than half a century of history behind it, in the continuous research and comparison between tradition and innovation, present and past in the light of the future. It is from the motto “The Human and Responsible Light”, in the moments of light necessary in the life of every human being, that creations are born to become true design icons.

Among the all icons, the Callimaco by Ettore Sottsass, designed in 1982, entered the history of design and was not willing to leave it. A lamp that tells a dialogue between modernity and the past, and a successful expression of the encounter between lighting and design, characteristics inherent in Artemide's DNA.

And it is precisely on these suggestions that the search for brands by Sag’80 is grafted. Beauty and functionality that carry a clear message, a revolution in the conception of the house and the furnishing accessories. Here too, a very powerful meeting of philosophies: on one side Artemide, the languages made of light and experimentation, on the other Sag’80 which, in the search for perfect solutions, made its most important challenge.


The use of LED light to create atmosphere

LED lighting has now firmly entered the design of a house, opening new scenarios. Thanks to this extraordinary technology it is in fact possible to create 'special effects' in every corner because the light is able to change the face, and perhaps even the destiny, of the area it illuminates. In this sense, LED technology offers a myriad of solutions and a new awareness: to have good lighting inside the house it is no longer enough to choose just a good chandelier! With the LED it is possible to play with the intensity of the light, now more powerful, now almost imperceptible, in the eternal struggle between warm and cold colors. Enveloping but also functional. For example, at the work area in the kitchen it is recommended to have intense, clear and shadowless lights, while the living room lends itself well to the interaction between multiple light points that create the right balance between relaxation, aesthetics and functionality.

The discussion is clearly overturned as regards the lighting of the bedroom which should not be dealing like the other rooms. It is the most intimate area of the house and, most of all, it must be warm and welcoming from waking up to the last thought before going to sleep. It is no longer time for a single light point that dazzles the eyes and, thanks to LED technology, it is possible to adjust the intensity of the light: from a more intense one to a much softer one so as not to strain the gaze and pamper it throughout the day.

Obviously, to all these advantages there is also a renewed sustainability in the long life of the devices and guarantees the energy savings.

Indirect light and minimal design: The Callimaco never goes out of style 

Callimaco: already from the name of the Greek poet is the premise of a style that competes with eternity.

In the case of Artemide, Callimaco is the splendid floor lamp made in 1982 by the great designer Ettore Sottsass. Composed by a painted steel base and diffuser, a painted aluminum stem and a polished chrome metal handle.

At first glance it may seem like a sculpture, almost ambiguous, rather than a lamp. But approaching the gaze it reveals as a sophisticated floor lamp, a light that starts from the ground and plays with brass, copper and steel with the handle on the side. Callimaco is also ironic: the small umbrella on the top does not make it a classic lamp but an object with an eye to the future, a considered postmodernism.

That may be why, after almost forty years, it is still an indispensable object for design connoisseurs.
Callimaco knows how to get noticed, with humor and discretion.



Artemide Ettore Sottsass

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