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Outlet: The Sag80 proposals

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Find your sofas and furniture in the Sag80 Outlet


SURF sofa | Molteni&C - 35% DISCOUNT 

The Canadians George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg design the Surf modular sofa system for Molteni&C. Thanks to their experience in the field of hospitality and in the exploration of the nature of the organic form, well beyond the traditional approach, Yabu Pushelberg design chairs with a sinuous trend and great personality, free from formal constraints with high modularity and unexpected details.

Dimensions: 390 x 153 x H 71 CM
N 3 CUSHIONS 60/60 - N 3 CUSHIONS 60/40 
Discounted price: 7,520.00 EUR
Transport and assembly excluded


PAUL sofa | Molteni&C - 30% DISCOUNT

Paul is a seating program with elegant proportions and reassuring lines, elements that underline the expressive rationality of Vincent Van Duysen. The project includes linear sofas, corner compositions, chaises longue and islands, all with a single seat cushion.

1 model 190 x 100 x H. 92 CM
1 model 190 x 100 x H. 92 CM
1 model 155.5 x 100 x H. 92 CM

Discounted price: 9,870.00 EUR
Transport and assembly excluded


PIROSCAFO furniture - bookcase | Molteni&C - 40% DISCOUNT - SOLD

The Piroscafo furniture is an extremely versatile piece of furniture: bookcase in the home studio, showcase in the living room, cupboard in the kitchen. A series of open bookcases or with glass doors with square metal frame, divided into four by an internal cross, structure in wood or lacquered and metal facade lacquered in matt colors.

Dimensions: 240 x 50 x H 224 CM
Discounted price: 8,290.00 EUR
Transport and assembly excluded



Gliss Master was born from the desire to present a new series of conceptually avant-garde cabinets both technologically and aesthetically. Gliss Master represents a happy combination of purity of forms, use of materials and exclusive technologies that are harmoniously composed to give life to a functional project, where the visual and tactile aspect is of great importance.

Dimensions: 265.4 x 62.3 x H 263.1 CM
Discounted price: 5,640.00 EUR
Transport and assembly excluded


MASTER DRESSING walk-in closet | Molteni&C - 40% DISCOUNT

Vincent Van Duysen designs Master Dressing, a walk-in closet system that completes the articulated offer in the area of the sleeping area systems proposed by Molteni&C. Master Dressing integrates perfectly with Gliss Master wardrobes thanks to the use of aesthetic finishes and coordinated internal equipment, thus allowing the design of functional and high-impact walk-in closets.

Dimensions: 257 x 299.3 x 60.4 x H 263.1 CM
Discounted price: 10,250.00 EUR
Transport and assembly excluded



The modular system 505, one of the classics of the Molteni&C collection, evolves with a solution of continuity, presenting new elements that renew it and expand its infinite uses.

Dimensions: 412.4 x 40 x H 359.7 CM
Discounted price: 9,640.00 EUR
Transport and assembly excluded



505 bookcase designed by Nicola Gallizia for Molteni&C. with matt moka lacquered structure. The piece of furniture is designed as a bookcase, TV system or multifunction container. The finishes, the essences and the glass allow us to obtain different customized solutions.

Dimensions: 506 x 40/50 x H 359 CM
Discounted price: 12,080.00 EUR
Transport and assembly excluded



From the design of Nicola Gallizia, the bookcase-container, through the different finishes and glasses, appears as a piece of furniture that can be customized according to our needs.

Dimensions: 569 x 40 x H295 CM
Discounted price: 9,340.00 EUR
Transport and assembly excluded



The living system designed by Dante Bonuccelli for the contemporary home is radically evolving to intercept the new ways of using the environments related to Home Working. Hanging top and open compartment in graphite oak, base with cover and front in opaque lacquered pewter and interior of the crates in cedar.

Discounted price: 9,200.00 EUR
Transport and assembly excluded


PASS-WORD bookcase with suspended composition | Molteni&C – 45% DISCOUNT - SOLD

Dante Bonuccelli designed for Molteni&C a composition suitable for the spaces we dedicate to work at home. The suspended element is in glossy anthracite and the open compartments in eucalyptus.

Base Total Length 339.5 x 49.5 x H. 51.5
Large shelf 277 x 50.5
3 Shelves 277 x 27.5 x H. 123.5 CM
Discounted price: 10,065.00 EUR
Transport and assembly excluded



Vincent Van Duysen with the “Hector” project is inspired by the typical libraries and offices in the modernist style. The bookcase is made up of modular elements that allow you to create aerial compositions as you like.

The structure and profiles are in bronze, the shelves in transparent glass, the flaps in black oak and the interior in dark brown regenerated leather.

Dimensions: n.4 models from 90 cm - H 220 CM
Discounted price: 6,960.00 EUR


Kitchen with columns with island | DADA - 50% DISCOUNT

The kitchen by DADA: the evolution of the operating column is an unparalleled system for accommodating modern workstations in the kitchen. The column responds to the new needs of organization of spaces and appliances in the kitchen.

Dimensions columns: about 400 x H 290 CM
Dimensions island: 362 x 97 CM (with additional snack top)
Discounted price columns: 36,550.00 EUR
Discounted price Islands: 21,960.00 EUR

including any processes for dimensional changes
Discounted price per island purchased separately 21,960.00 EUR


Lucas sofa - sofas | 50% discount - SOLD

Like the Lucas sofa by Vincent Van Duysen, a linear sofa offered with a zenith fabric and fit with two rectangular cushions.

Dimensions: 262 cm x 88 cm depth 100 cm
Discounted price: €4,077
Where to find it: Via Boccaccio, 4 at Sag80


505 bookcase - bookcase | 50% discount

Among the many furniture sale proposals you can find at Sag80 is the 505 bookcase designed by Nicola Galizia. Elegant with a matte mocha lacquered structure, TV compartment, central band, and top in eucalyptus with a pewter border. Twelve dark brown eco-leather dividers give the final touch.

Dimensions: 387 cm x h 296 cm depth 40 cm
Discounted price: €7,377
Where to find it: Via Boccaccio, 4 at Sag80


Gliss master coplanar - wardrobe | 40% discount

Great discounts on wardrobes, too, including Gliss master coplanar with gray shantung melamine interiors and sliding doors with a matte platinum lacquered finish. It is equipped with a sensor-activated light bar and Deep pewter handles.

Dimensions: 265.4 cm x h 263.1 cm depth 62.3 cm
Discounted price: €3,740 
Where to find it: Via Boccaccio, 4 at Sag80


Gliss master with hinged doors - wardrobe | 40% discount - SOLD

Alternatively, there is the Gliss master wardrobe with hinged doors, dark Larix interiors, and silicon plaster lacquered finish. It is equipped with a sensor-activated light bar and pewter handles.

Dimensions: 298 cm x h 263.1 cm, depth 62.3 cm
Discounted price: €4,282
Where to find it: Via Boccaccio, 4 at Sag80


Walk-in Closet | 40% discount - SOLD

Walk-in, the walk-in closet, is on sale with a 40% discount. Available in the version with dark Larix back panels complete with mirror. The profile is anodized black with drawers lined in gray Saffiano leather and includes a black chrome clothes rack.

Dimensions: 259 cm x h 263.1 cm
Discounted price: €2,246 
Where to find it: Via Boccaccio, 4 at Sag80


It is possible to integrate additional elements to the products and, in some cases, to make changes to adapt them better to your needs. To discover all the solutions and other incredible flash offers, visit us in our Milan showroom in Via Boccaccio, 4 or in Corso Europa, 2.

The offers on the outlet products are subject to in-store availability, therefore precedence is given to those who reserve first.

*The gallery images are for promotional purposes only, the products on sale may have different finishes and colors.






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