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The high attention towards the design of work spaces is undoubtedly among the main trends that have affected the design furniture sector in recent years.
The awareness that aesthetically satisfying and at the same time functional working environments can influence the well-being of those who live there every day, and consequently their productivity, means that countless companies have begun to study possible office solutions with ever more difficulty, among which the open space certainly stands out.
The open space office today represents an extremely popular option, especially for the possibility of starting from a large space which, without excessive structural interventions, can be easily reconfigured according to the needs of the client and workers.
Now renowned for its great experience in creating tailor-made projects, SAG'80 offers its customers a tailor-made service by providing a team made up of the best professionals, which naturally also includes the presence of an interior designer for the open space office, a figure of great importance in being able to best interpret the needs of clients and find the most suitable solutions.
By visiting the SAG'80 showrooms in the Milan area it is therefore possible to get a concrete idea of all those ideas and trends that are the most popular today when it comes to furnishing an open space working environment with designer furniture.


Innovative design for open space offices

Design now represents an increasingly important aspect within offices, not only for a purely aesthetic question, but for the countless evidence that suggests how an appreciable and at the same time functional aesthetic is the key to stimulating the well-being of workers, without obviously forgetting the focus on sustainability.
Today, relying on an interior designer to furnish an open space office therefore means taking various aspects into consideration: first of all, it is crucial that an environment of this type is flexible and adaptable, with the possibility of creating communicating but clearly distinct areas between them that are dedicated to different activities, from relaxation to brainstorming, up to actual operations.
Precisely for this purpose, more and more companies are experimenting with innovative design solutions such as bookcases or dividing panels to separate the different areas and, at the same time, guarantee a right amount of privacy and noise reduction, acoustics being another key factor for the well-being of those who spends a lot of time in office.
The progress made in recent years also makes it increasingly easier to implement technological solutions, such as the use of software that allows workstations to be booked in advance, which is fundamental in an agile working context, or the presence of interactive screens, wireless charging zones or automatic systems for temperature regulation.
Finally, today's open space office cannot help but promote greater contact with nature, including plants or actual garden areas inside, which are both appreciable to the eye and important for well-being.
The dedicated consultants present in SAG'80 showroom in via Boccaccio 4, Milan will be able to guide the customer to discover these and many other solutions, capable of satisfying every type of need.

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