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For more than 50 years, Citterio has worked constantly to find new solutions capable of improving the working environment.

The office furniture of the Lecco-based company have contributed to changing the concept of these spaces, which from simple workplaces, in which to carry out one's duties in a well-defined time frame, have increasingly transformed into contexts that enhance moments of sharing and require a functional design, capable of improving the quality of those who work there.

The operating systems, the partition walls or even the wardrobes designed by Citterio over the years are the result of research and experimentation that has allowed the Lombard brand to always stand out for solutions that are in step with the times and in the name of flexibility.



Citterio is now recognized as one of the leaders in the office furniture sector thanks to proposals that aim to shape an environment that focuses on the well-being of the worker, with the aim of both improving their performance and increasing the quality of the time spent in the working spaces.

A perfect example of this philosophy is offered by the CSS product line, inaugurated in 2010 and made up of acoustic boxes that blend perfectly with the more modern logic of an open space office and increasingly smart and flexible ways of working, with the highest attention but not to compromise the quality of the activities and services.

And speaking of flexibility, Citterio is also famous of solutions such as partition walls, highly appreciated for their design and developed in different versions: compactable, in wood or glass, but always with the aim of giving shape to versatile and functional work spaces, able to adapt to various needs and to dialogue with the office furniture of the brand that today is part of the prestigious Molteni Group, from containers to desks, through bookcases or meeting tables.



Among the aspects that have allowed Citterio to become a reference brand for office furniture there are undoubtedly also the choices of materials and finishes, always closely linked to a circular economy perspective.

The raw materials used by the brand are in fact original and thus make it possible to recycle every component, or nearly so, of the products at the end of their life cycle.

To complete the process that leads to the birth of the Citterio proposals, the ideas and creativity of the internationally renowned designers on whom the brand relies cannot be missing, as well as the workers who work aluminum, glass and wood, enhancing their qualities to the maximum.

If you are looking for the best solutions to furnish your office with a modern and functional design, a visit to Via Boccaccio 4, Milan is the right choice to be guided to discover the universe of Citterio and its proposals, which represent the basis to create environments capable of stimulating workers and improving their well-being.

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