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Always considered the beating heart of the domestic environment, the living room is a space that has undergone profound transformations over the years.
Furnishing today what was once more simply called a 'living room', in most cases means focusing on a simpler design, made up of clean lines, and on less heavy furniture, which gives a feeling of greater outlook, especially for a an area that is increasingly designed to open up to other rooms in the house, for example the kitchen.
The modern and minimal living room is one of the most popular solutions currently appreciated by customers, whose tastes have evolved over time: today the so-called 'less is more' is in fashion, which however does not mean giving up style, but rather preferring an essentiality that allows every element to be utilized to the maximum, with details and decorations designed to embellish a space that becomes increasingly personalized.
For several decades SAG'80 has been collaborating with the most prestigious Italian and international brands that welcome the most recent and innovative trends in the design sector.
This is why with a visit to the showrooms of the Milanese brand it will be possible to find the solutions best suited to your needs to give shape to a contemporary living room that is capable of surprising with elegance and functionality, focusing on the best trends of the moment.


Modern and Minimal Living Room: 2024 Trends

But what exactly does it mean to furnish a living room in a modern and minimal way in 2024? As anticipated, trends are constantly evolving but there are aspects that are now impossible to overlook, both for the customers who seek them and for the companies called upon to satisfy these needs through a wide range of proposals.
First of all, a modern living room must be able to communicate a sense of fluidity and spaciousness, which is often achieved thanks to a careful arrangement of furniture.
However, focusing on a minimal style means choosing a few elements, generally with an essential design, which are also highly functional in order to be able to optimize the space available. Modular furniture, which adapts to the customer's needs, is therefore the most popular, elements that can be moved easily such as coffee tables or poufs, as well as technologies that can be integrated discreetly with the furnishings already chosen, including flat-screen TVs that take up little space.
In the contemporary living room, it is also the details that make the difference. Customized lighting systems, small or large works of art and the presence of plants or even vertical gardens are able to enrich this space making it more intimate and personal, as well as adding a touch of style.
As for colors, neutral shades such as white, gray or ivory help create a relaxing atmosphere which also allows you to enhance the high quality materials used, such as metal, wood or natural stones, often embellished with fine finishes.

However you can imagine your modern and minimal living room, SAG'80 showroom will be able to guide you to discover the best solutions to achieve it.

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