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Ideas for furnishing modern living room

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Sobriety and style. These are the watchwords for furnishing a living room in modern style. They are inspirations that find their shape in straight lines, glossy surfaces and in the use of materials such as steel, glass and leather, favoring shades such as black, white and gray even if nothing stops you to dare a few touches of extra color through accessories.

The modern style is simple, clean, tidy forms; it is division of spaces in a functional way.

A living room furnished in modern style gravitates around all these elements in which reflective surfaces, metals and exposed wood are inserted. Mosaics to be assembled and recomposed without ever adding to the atmosphere of the environment.

Another must of the modern style is lightness. It is a lightness that tends to be minimal but should not be confused with the concepts of voidness or aseptic. And more. It is a new way of conceiving the order, spaces, voids, solids, colors and weight of a room.

We are talking about Cassina's Mex Cube by Piero Lissoni where the independent cubes suggest infinite compositions. Marechiaro by Arflex is a real system of solutions that still today, after almost half a century, is able to answer many questions. Finally, Landscape ’05 by Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia, is an ambitious and light chaise longue, minimal but with extraordinary details.


The idea that becomes a project: 271 Mex Cube by Cassina

271 Mex Cube is the modular sofa created in 2007 by designer Piero Lissoni for Cassina. It is the sofa of interpretations, it is creative, dynamic and multifaceted to respond well to all the different needs of use it may have. It is a composition that is renewed with every idea, like a painting that photographs a new scenario every time it is seen. The cubes can be arranged as an island, linearly, an angular, or opposed to create many small seats, many small spaces.

From a structural point of view, Mex Cube is equipped with independent cubes, with different sizes and functions, in which you can choose between two depths: they can be with or without the backrest and armrests to tell two different stories about the use of the sofa.

The composition also allows you to experiment from a chromatic point of view with colors and finishes that refer to shades to be grasped and composed.

It is also a matter of taste: being able to play with cubes leaves room for the imagination that pursues taste.


Classicism that becomes modernity: all the solutions of Arflex Marechiaro XIII

The name Arflex is now an anthology within the history of sofas. The refinement in the expressive forms that lead to surprising solutions and the constant work on the quality of the materials make its products reliable and adaptable over time and ambience.

And this is exactly the case of Marechiaro, the modular sofa by Arflex designed by the Neapolitan architect Mario Marenco in 1976 characterized by essential lines and shapes combined with each other by the extreme modularity of the design.

Marechiaro is, in every sense, a tribute to uniqueness: each seat, each backrest, each armrest is individually upholstered so as to be easily arranged in infinite compositions that give space to the most refined corners of taste, creating scenarios for the living area of the house. In addition, each element has its own padding available in a large variety of fabrics and colors and even in leather.

From a technical point of view, its structure is composed of a metal tube and the padding is in shaped polyurethane, while the multilayer base is in coupled poplar and the feet are in black lacquered metal. Marechiaro is also a sofa with completely removable covers, except for the leather version.

Marechiaro is a unique sofa of its kind. An object full of history, classic, which knows how to face the challenges that modern furniture has imposed on design.

It is a style icon and is, above all, full of personality.


Landscape ’05 by Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia, the lightness of elegant and comfortable shapes

This chaise-lounge of 2005 by Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia is a real taste of lightness, intended as a declination of space in search of harmony. There are two highlights of this chair: the elegance of the shapes and the absolute comfort, two sides of the same amount of taste.

Landscape '05 floats agile and aerial in the room; it is minimal without being bare; is a minimal inspiration by the lightness that a modern ambience must have.

Very classically, it has a steel support structure on which rests a comfortable seat with upholstery, which can be in fabric or leather, sewn in segments. Here too, different colors and shades give this chaise-lounge an autonomous character that dialogues with the rest of the room.

Leading to comfort, Landscape '05 also has a headrest that can be positioned at will by means of a magnet to fully experience moments of true relaxation suspended on steel.

Because comfort is a serious balance, light and airy, but serious.



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