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Minotti, classic-modern Made in Italy

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Minotti Sofas



Minotti is a symbol of Italian excellence in the field of interior and outdoor furniture. It is the classic and successful representation of what counts as the best of "Made in Italy".

The credit comes from the vision of Alberto Menotti who in 1948 began this extraordinary journey that easily winds between an artisan and an industrial dimension of creation, managing to grasp the best of both. The sons, Renato and Roberto, make an indissoluble pact with the architect Rodolfo Dordoni and succeed in imposing the family business on international markets: Minotti thus becomes the best that Italian excellence can offer in the modern lifestyle sector. It is more than a recognition, it is the very essence of the company.

And the journey into excellence continues with the third generation of the family that has taken up the challenge of innovation of the third millennium, also opening up new collaborations with professionals from all over the world, creating the Minotti Code: a real DNA of the company based on a sober but unforgettable aesthetic, a timeless elegance that does not renounce tradition, an artisan know-how that never separates from the maniacal and sartorial obsession of attention to every detail.

The Angie armchair and the Connery sofa are, in this sense, the most successful representation of the Minotti universe.
Angie is in fact the product of the collaboration with the Italian-Canadian studio GamFratesi and in 2019 was awarded the prize of the Archiproducts Design Awards in the Furniture category. Its sinuous and leather shapes, tailoring and attention to detail make it an iconic element.

Connery, a seating system designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, is one of the novelties of the 2020 Minotti collection and in the architectural contamination that distinguishes it, the ethical, aesthetic and artistic manifesto of the company and a new way of thinking about domestic living is revealed: it is code to be read in all of its interpretations.


Angie, the leather armchair with a welcoming softness

Observing Angie, the eye is immediately captured by the vegetable or animal leather elements that draw a wing that envelops the armchair as if in a hug, creating an almost sculptural support that accompanies towards the softness of the seat and back.

Angie develops in the logic of opposites where the softness and sinuosity of the padded part contrasts with the rigid leather structure; it is a logic of opposites that is also revealed in the play of colors that are possible thanks to the alternation of these two different scenarios: the body and the fabric chase each other, chase each other, embrace each other in color combinations to be chosen and experimented with. It is placed on the ground thanks to the supports made of die-cast aluminum with an arched structure that connects with the rear feet, emphasizing the shapes of the body. 

Angie is a journey that in an apparently simple design hides a series of technological processes and intuitions that make it what it is: the padding with differentiated foams and the animal and vegetable leather structure are made with Baydur® molds that are well suited to the curved shapes of the armchair.

The leather that recalls a palette of variegated colors, the double structure, the use of technological processes, the classic shapes that face the contemporary world with a new personality and international collaborations: the style of Minotti in an unmistakable product. 


Connery, when architecture becomes a sofa

A name that tells a story, a spirit of the time, a reason of being. The name Connery evokes contemporary scenes and atmospheres while the lines, architecturally precise, immediately run to the American Mid-Century.

Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, it has an aesthetic-formal quality that is immediately perceived: it is a declaration of intent of the project expressed through the skilful play of materials and refined craftsmanship.

Versatility is the trademark of Connery's personality which manifests itself in the numerous possibilities of composition and in the choice of materials. But not only. The personality is also in the geometry where it is allowed to combine and alternate square or round chaise-longues.

The seat can be 83 or 86 cm long and is designed as a single, enveloping cushion to reach light, almost imperceptible stitching; the backrest and the armrest travel together forming a single volume.

The structural base strikes and intrigues with its reference to the universe of trunks and suitcases thanks to covering work with high-end leather techniques. Warm and sweet colors that release hints of brandy and whiskey make Connery an indispensable luxury.

A luxury that looks like a bygone era but firmly immersed in the contemporary.



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