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Minotti Freeman sofa: Duvet and Tailor

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Minotti Freeman sofa duvet tailor brown white colour leather ambience

Freeman Sofas: Minotti Freeman Duvet and Freeman Tailor seating systems pair elegant proportions with unrivaled comfort



Born from Minotti’s 70 years of experience in the production of handcrafted upholstered sofas, the Minotti Freeman modular seating system represents a perfect example of the union of tradition and technology that has distinguished the manufacturer since the 1950s. Minotti seating systems are characterized by the elevated comfort of the structures and the softness of the shapes, combined with a recognizable style that can satisfy the tastes of the most discerning customers. The careful selection of the finest materials is coupled with the skillful know-how of master craftsmen to create products with timeless design.

The Minotti Freeman family consists of a variety of elements with diverse characteristics, represented in the Duvet and Tailor series, making it possible to design your living space according to your own needs. The elements of the Minotti Freeman Duvet are a harmony of soft, enveloping lines, which provide a soothing design and guarantee great relaxation, perfect for spending moments of cozy intimacy. The identity of the Freeman Tailor variant is different, with more defined volumes and monoblock seats with double stitched detail that accentuates its contemporary and innovative character, particularly suitable for festive situations with family and friends.

The distinctive aspect of the Minotti Freeman system is the possibility of combining the Duvet and Tailor elements according to your own preferences in order to create the mix between restraint and panache that matches your taste and compose the elements according to your needs. The alternatives, in this sense, are endless, ranging from two-seat sofas to corner structures with chaise-longues and "daybeds". Furthermore, the elements of the Tailor series also make it possible to lighten the heaviness of the sofa by inserting "wing" backrests and armrests, which are characterized by a wing design made of a polyurethane-coated metal structure.

The Freeman sofa structure: cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship

Both the Duvet and Tailor versions feature extra-soft cushions with a central polyurethane insert, encased in memory foam padding and a second layer of goose down certified by the Assopiuma Gold label (trivia: this is a numbered and non-reproducible watermark that guarantees a 90% minimum composition of goose down and the complete production in Italy). The fabric or leather upholstery is assembled with a bronze colored strip of eco-leather tape and a double seam that evenly define the volumes, while the armrests and backs feature a refined stitching pattern, the result of the brand's sartorial tradition.

The frame of the Minotti Freeman sofa is made of plywood with elastic belts containing a high ratio of rubber to ensure the correct suspension and is covered with heat-sealed fiber. The seat structure in polyurethane foam with concave seats ensures the maintenance of stability and position of the cushions over time. The base of the sofa consists of a perimeter frame with rounded edges in extruded aluminum with cast aluminum joint fittings, painted in anti-touch, glossy light bronze. Metal feet provide the ground support, also painted in light bronze. To ensure complete relaxation and promote correct posture, Freeman Duvet elements feature a headrest, made with a metal structure covered with polyurethane foam, which, combined with the backrest cushion, provide the seat with high support.

Both families of elements have completely removable back and seat cushions, for both fabric and leather upholstery. The cover of the Freeman Duvet structure is completely removable in the fabric versions by loosening the special knurled knobs with the provided key, while in the leather versions, it is fixed. The cover of the Freeman Tailor, on the other hand, is completely removable in all versions, while the "wing" elements are removable only for fabric coverings.


World of Materials

The sofas in the Freeman Duvet and Freeman Tailor series are offered with multiple upholstery possibilities, both in fabric and in leather, to satisfy the most diverse tastes.

Among the possible fabric options, we find Oxford, a wool fabric with a cotton knit and high shock resistance thanks to the use of extra virgin wool obtained by the direct shearing of the fleece. The Oxford fabric is available in a comprehensive color palette, ranging from shades of gray to burgundy. Then we have a selection of 100% cotton Alcantara fabrics with a chain motif typical of the Italian sartorial tradition, made with jacquard looms and available in 12 color combinations. Turning to fabrics with a weave structure and mixed composition, we find Freedom, attributable to the tweed tradition and available in various nuances mélange, or Mirò, a jacquard fabric inspired by the vintage style of the seventies with mixed natural tones.

Finally, regarding leather upholstery, the Freedom sofas are offered in combination with Nabuk leather, a product that is soft to the touch and has the characteristic "writing effect", as well as to Aspen leather, of a more classic style and soft and enveloping. The color range goes from natural leather shades to shades of gray, to earth tones, and red.

Minotti Arredamenti, synonymous with "Made in Italy" excellence

The Minotti Freeman family was designed by the renowned Milanese architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni. The collaboration between Minotti and Dordoni, beginning in 1997, has become increasingly narrow, becoming one of the distinctive aspects of the brand identity with the appointment of the designer as artistic director and coordinator of all the company's collections. The cultural background and the common objectives have allowed Minotti to create a climate of shared ideas that have given birth to some of the most appreciated projects in the history of the brand.

Founded in Meda in 1948 as an artisan workshop, the company soon took on an industrial production footprint, investing in technological innovation and expanding its market internationally. However, this did not prevent Minotti from firmly maintaining its Made in Italy roots and the sartorial attention to the product, which are found in the impeccable attention to detail.


Minotti products that can be paired with the Freeman sofa

The Minotti Freeman seating system matches perfectly with the other furnishing accessories in the Minotti catalog. In particular, the tables from the Calder series can be integrated into the sofa structure to lighten the composition and render it more dynamic. Calder is a family of tables with different heights, shapes, and materials, united by the thin, iron structure and simple, linear design of the support base. The Calder coffee tables can have an ebony or oak wood top, with transparent gloss, matte, or lacquered finish in different colors or in Marquina and Afyon marble.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Gray coffee tables, specifically designed to complete the Freeman seating system as an interlude between the elements and the side of the sofa. It is a sheet metal structure with a satin bronze finish, open on two sides with an internal part veneered in mink-dyed Sucupira. Furthermore, the Ritter coffee tables, featuring either a glossy lacquered finish or Lati wengé-stained veneer, with their pure and minimal aesthetics lend themselves to being inserted between the seats.

There is also the possibility of combining the sofa with standalone elements, always part of the Freeman family, such as padded benches or pouf-shaped armrests, which can also be inserted between the seats.

Come and visit us in our showrooms to experience the quality of Minotti sofas and discover the infinite possibilities offered by the Freeman modular seating system. Thanks to the expert advice of our professional interior designers, you will be guided in the choice of elements and finishes that best fit the furniture of your living room, so as to compose the perfect sofa for your needs.

Minotti Freeman sofa duvet tailor grey colour leather ambience living room
Minotti Freeman sofa duvet tailor grey colour leather detail composition
Minotti Freeman sofa duvet tailor brown white colour leather ambience
Minotti Freeman sofa duvet tailor white colour fabric ambience living room
Minotti Freeman sofa duvet tailor black colour leather ambience living room lounge
Minotti Freeman sofa duvet tailor grey colour leather living room lacquered lucid brown Ritter table
Minotti Freeman sofa duvet tailor grey colour fabric living room Wooden Ritter coffee table
Minotti Freeman sofa duvet tailor designer Rodolfo Dordoni
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